Campus Life Blog: Best of Webcomics, Part Two

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One of the comics featured on (PHOTO FROM THISISINDEXED.COM)

Posted by Elena Harding


I have discovered a few more webcomics since the first post that warrant a second one.

Jessica Hagy uses venn diagrams and graphs to make observations about the world. She created the webcomic in 2006 and updates it just about every day “as the coffee brews.”

This sassy webcomic is written by three authors-Ray, Raf and Will. It is updated three times a week for readers.

Today Nothing Happened:
This webcomic is about a woman who recently graduated from art school. After graduation she went to work at Target, moved out of her parents home and pursued her comics-all of which is chronicled in her webcomic.

A webcomic about four college roommates, their life and romances by Starline X. Hodge.

Campus News Blog: Do you want to go to law school?

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Posted by Aileen Garcia

Are you thinking about going to law school? Do you want to be a lawyer? Three SMU law students give their advice and experience to help you make your decision.

If you still are undecided, you might want to check out Susan Basalla’s article, Should I Go to Law School?

Are you thinking about going to law school? from on Vimeo.

Campus News Blog: Finding the Perfect Law School

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Posted by Aileen Garcia

Deciding to attend law school is a big step, but choosing a law school that fits your needs is very important. When looking at law school your options can be limited because of geographical necessities, your performance as an undergraduate or you’re your LSAT score. The annual cost of law school can also be a deterrent to making your final choice.

It is important to examine each potential school, find out about the school’s programs and what they have to offer. Some good key points to look for in a school are the moot court programs, clinical opportunities and the availability of internships.

You need to do the research and dig deep to find your answers. It’s like purchasing a vehicle. People don’t generally go to a dealership and purchase the first car they like. They look for the best price, the reliability of the car, and the overall performance of the make and model. So take those law schools for a test drive and see which school has the most to offer you.

One option is to consider law schools that are on the verge of being fully accredited by the ABA. These law schools tend to offer larger sums of money to give students an incentive to enroll in their programs.

Make sure to look at every key aspect that is important to your needs in finding that perfect fit. Click the link for a list of law schools listed by state, yearly tuition and GPA and LSAT scores. Remember that law school is a huge step into your career and finding a school that caters to all of your needs is just as critical as making the next step.

Campus News Blog: Is Law School Worth the Sky Rising Tuition

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Posted by Aileen Garcia

During these tough economic times there seems to be no mercy on the price of law schools. Tuition rates vary between public and private institutions and whether the student is local or from out of state.

Experts say that the main factor to the increase in tuition is due to competition among schools for higher rankings, which has students relying heavily upon education loans.

For a list on what to expect regarding schools tuition rates and school rankings visit the U.S. News & World Report.

In your search for that prestigious university, keep in mind that price will always play factor. Full-time tuition at a public schools averages from $4,711 to $35,502 and almost doubles for private schools. Before embarking yourself on mountains pilled high in debt, justify the cost of law school and a lawyer’s average salary.

Financial assistance is also available to students who qualify in the forms of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study, so make sure you fill out a FASFA application. For more information about law school financial aid you can contact your pre-law adviser.