Daily Update: Thursday, March 3

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Ford Stadium has been vandalized, the iPad 2 is set to debut on March 11 and the largest statue of Jesus Christ is being built in a cabbage field in Poland.  All this and more on today’s Daily Update.

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Dallas County District Attorney Speaks at SMU

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By Bridget Bennett

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Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins spoke at an SMU Faculty Club luncheon Wednesday. Watkins, a Dallas native, is serving his second term as the first African American District Attorney in Texas. He has partnered with the Innocence Project of Texas to exonerate the wrongfully convicted in Dallas County.

Watkins’ spoke about these exonerations, touching on the role media played in raising awareness. Watkins said wrongful convictions are deplorable for the pain they cause those who have been wrongfully imprisoned. But the involvement does not stop there, Watkins said.

“When we make a mistake, when someone has been convicted for something they didn’t do. Inevitably, the individual that did do it continues to commit crimes,” Watkins said.

The majority of people who are in jail, Watkins said, are addicted to some illegal substance, uneducated, or without a skill set. Watkins expressed the importance of rehabilitation programs to prevent future prosecutions. He also talked about the ratio of taxpayer money spent on one inmate in a prison versus the amount money spent on his education before he committed that crime. The latter had far less invested.

Equality and trust in the criminal justice system also came up in the speech. Watkins said that citizens do the sentencing during jury duty and need to take their job seriously for the justice system to properly function.

Referring to SMU, Watkins said students are the future of change for this country. He charged the faculty with the important role of teaching students to be involved in government and politics, but to also have the courage to stand up for what is right.

Daily Update: Thursday, Feb. 17

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A shooting outside of the Burger Street on Mockingbird Lane leaves two dead and one injured. University Park may require students to have resident stickers on their vehicles, and at least three are dead as unrest continues in the Middle East. All this and more on your Daily Update.

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VIDEO — From SMU to the Super Bowl: Emmanuel Sanders

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Video by Fernando Valdes

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By Kimmy Ryan

Click here to seeThe Daily Mustang’s coverage of Super Bowl Media Day

Emmanuel Sanders spent his college career helping turn around the SMU football program, culminating in an incredible victory at the Hawaii Bowl. Now, almost a year later, Sanders’ rookie year in the NFL is finishing on another high note, playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 45.

Sanders was surrounded by reporters during Media Day at the Cowboys stadium Tuesday. The press was curious about everything from June Jones’ coaching style, to practicing at TCU this next week, to what life as a Steeler is like. All in all though, Sanders said, “It’s just good to be back in Dallas.”

Although Sanders is glad to be back home, practicing at TCU’s stadium will be a change. Sanders said he just might have to “punch a horned frog or two while he’s there.”

Sanders seemed most excited about getting out there and playing hard Steeler Football on Sunday.

Steeler Football is “hard core, smash mouth football,” Sanders said. “Every play you’re trying to knock some guy’s knees out, and we actually get awarded if we do it.”

Toward the second half of the season, Sanders received sufficient amounts of playing time as a receiver and on kickoffs, and proved himself by knocking out a few knees of his own. But, the transition to the big leagues has not been without bumps.

“He came in, and he was real hard headed. He didn’t want to listen,” said fellow teammate Arnaz Battle. “But, as the season went on, he developed into a nice rookie on and off the field. We appreciate having him. He’s a great player, and his future is very bright.”

Whether adjusting to NFL life or not, Sanders’ feelings about his new profession have stayed the same.

“Sometimes I wake up and pinch myself. Am I really in the National Football League coming from a small school, Southern Methodist University? I’m just trying to make the most of it.”

He described the biggest difference between SMU and the NFL as the crowd. But instead of getting more nervous in front of huge crowds, he gets more excited and is ready to perform even more.

Sanders credits his preparedness to SMU Coach June Jones.

“It’s a blessing,” Sanders said about having Jones in his life.

With the help of Coach Jones, Sanders accomplished a lot his senior year at SMU. As captain, he led the team to a bowl game, caught over 100 balls, went over a thousand yards and was drafted to the NFL in the third round.

“Thanks to Coach Jones,” Sanders said. “If it wasn’t for him, I honestly wouldn’t have been drafted that high. He brought in a great offense and passed on a lot of knowledge to me, so kudos to him.”

Sanders will not only be the pride of the Mustangs on Super Bowl Sunday, but he is also a role model for many.

Joshua Harvey, a reporter at Media Day, said that young players are coming to SMU saying, “I’m going to be the next Emmanuel Sanders.”

It was evident that Sanders was truly touched by the reactions he has gotten from his friends and fans.

With such great support, this week Sanders will be focused on only one thing, Sunday’s game. And with all the hype, Sanders hopes to revert to what he does best.

“When I’m out there with Ben Roethlisberger, it’s like I’m a ten-year-old kid again playing throw-and-catch backyard football.”

VIDEO: Dale Hansen Talks ‘Death Penalty’ at SMU Faculty Club

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By Fernando Valdes

Channel 8 Sports Anchor Dale Hansen speaks at SMU Faculty Club, Monday, January 25th. Hansen recalled his involvement in the investigation regarding the cheating in the SMU Football program, which later lead to the death penalty. (PHOTO BY FERNANDO VALDES/ SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Dale Hansen, Channel 8 Sports Anchor who originally broke the story about the NCAA infractions committed by the SMU Football Program in the 1980′s, spoke Monday afternoon at the SMU Faculty Club.

For the first time since Pony Excess aired on ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 documentary series, Hansen had the opportunity to share his side of the story with SMU. He recalled how he could not believe that a school would cheat in order to win football games. Hansen also told stories about the many threats he received following SMU’s Death Penalty, one of which included a package that contained a dead bird with a broken neck and a note pinned to its chest stating he was next.

Throughout his speech Hansen commended June Jones for the work he has done at SMU and his desire to win the right way, without cheating.

Hansen does not apologize for the outcome of the investigation. Instead, he says he feels proud that it was his station that uncovered the story.

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Video and Editing by Fernando Valdes

Daily Update: Thursday, Oct. 21

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Today’s Daily Update fills you in on why Troy Aikman was on the Katy Trail this week, which communications entrepreneurs are coming to campus on Friday and what to expect for Homecoming.

Daily Update: Tuesday, Oct. 19

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Join us on today’s Daily Update to catch the Rangers victory over the Yankees. Also, see what was ablaze last night at Park Cities Plaza and the weather forecast for homecoming weekend. All this and more on your Daily Update.

Tech Blog: Review of USA Today’s iPad App

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Posted by Nicolle Keogh

iPad app review: USA Today

  • Immediacy/Urgency:
  • Non-linear news presentation:
  • Multimedia:
  • Interactivity:
    I chose USA Today for my review of its iPad application versus the hard copy version. This was my first time using an iPad, so my overall experience with it was interesting and eye opening.

    The USA Today app offers a lot of interactivity for the user, but is very organized at the same time. The layout of the page, as well as the text and images, are orderly. It’s really neat that the sections of the paper such as Travel, Money, and Sports are listed at the top of the page and will open within milliseconds of the user tapping any of them. The iPad app simply moves to the section you click on and opens to a full page instantly, without having to wait for a page to load like in a web browser (not to mention flipping several pages to get to a certain section in a newspaper.) Navigation on the iPad app for USA Today is simply easier, faster, and less confusing, and that’s what I found most impressive about it.

    I could see what time stories were posted to the web app, and they were updated often. Comparing the app to the daily newspaper, I see how the iPad app is an essential tool to receiving urgent news. With a hard copy of USA Today, the consumer would have to wait until the next day to get the news. For this reason, I give the app a 5 for immediacy/urgency. I already mentioned that the app has an organized presentation, but the first thing I noticed when I opened it was just how many characters there were crammed onto one page. Though organized, I’d say the amount on the page is a little overwhelming, so I’m giving a 3 for non-linear presentation. For interactivity, I’ll give a 5 because I am impressed with the surprisingly simple navigation with the application.  I did notice a good deal of multimedia content, including maps on the weather page as well as many, many photos (and galleries.) I’ll give the app a 5 for multimedia content because the images really do break up the huge amount of text on the page.

    Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the iPad and hope to be able to use it again in the future for news as well as communication purposes. I’m interested to see how other apps compare when the other students write their reviews.

    Tech Blog: Review of Wired Magazine’s iPad App

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    Posted by Amanda Oldham

    iPad app review: Wired Magazine

  • Immediacy/Urgency:
  • Non-linear news presentation:
  • Multimedia:
  • Interactivity:
    Sleek and shiny iPads deserve sleek and shiny apps. Thankfully, when it comes to technology and gadget news, the iPad couldn’t ask for more than the Wired Magazine App. Given that Wired’s main content is discussions and news pieces about new and upcoming technologies, I could only expect the best from their iPad app. I wasn’t disappointed.

    Immediately upon opening the app, I was greeted with a short video about the main subject of the current issue: whether or not watching shows on television is out of date. As I scrolled through the issue, each page was as glossy and finished as the hard copy, just embedded with videos that expanded on the stories on the virtual page. It allowed me to quickly glance at all of the pages from a distance, which made finding what I was looking for easier until I discovered that clicking on the title of the story in the Table of Contents skipped right to the story anyway, which only makes searching for a specific article to share with someone that much easier.

    Although the smooth multimedia and non-linear presentation of the app was enough for it to win a place in my heart, the only issues I found was in how often the app was updated and its questionable interactivity. Wired produces its issues monthly, thus the app is only updated once a month, and in the world of technology, one month can mean all the difference in a rapidly evolving industry.

    However, I understand that the magazine is not Wired’s main focus, and that information is constantly updated on the website, which offers a huge amount of communication between readers and those posting. The app only downloads the pages and videos of a certain issue. While iPad readers may pick and choose which stories they want to read about, Wired mostly leaves the interactivity to the website.

    NOLA NOW: A Trip With Zeitoun

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    Video and Editing By Josh Parr, Nicolette Schleisman and Kassi Schmitt

    The NOLA Now team spent Sunday morning with Abdulrahman Zeitoun as he drove us around the city and explained his experiences from the book ‘Zeitoun.’ Specific places we visited were the house where he fed the dogs every day, the house on Claiborne where he was arrested, and Camp Greyhound where Zeitoun was taken and held for three days under miserable conditions. For more on Zeitoun’s experience read Josh Parr’s story in Wednesday’s Daily Campus.

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