Dallas Sports Superstition

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By Katharina Marino

Everyone learned from a young age that finding a penny with its heads up is good luck, and crossing your fingers when wishing for something will be the extra power that guarantees your wish will come true.

But when it comes to sports, small tokens of good fortune like these seem to intensify in meaning, and superstitions become a little stranger and stronger.

Whether it be wearing your special socks or cooking a special dish during the game, these Dallas sports fans are adamant that following their beliefs will secure a win.

Texas Rangers
Long-time baseball player and Texas Rangers fan Chuck Brown, 22, came up with the concept of “rally roni” when the Rangers were playing game two of the American League Championship Series this year, and Nelson Cruz hit a grand slam.

The tradition evolved from Brown’s belief that making a packet of microwavable Ramen Noodles going into the 11th inning would help the Rangers win the game.

“I joked the rally roni was going to work. We were down a few runs and it actually did [work],” the Dallas local said.

From then, whoever watched the game with Brown insisted that he make a pot of the noodles to help the Rangers bring it home.

“It worked more than not, so everyone who would watch with me always made me make rally roni late in the game,” the Tarelton graduate said.

Although the magic of the noodles may have earned the Rangers the American League Western Division Champion title, Brown’s “rally roni” may have been better left in the pantry for game seven of the 2011 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Dallas Stars
Dallas Stars Development and Game Promotions Coordinator Steve Philips, 25, and his promotions crew have a different approach to help their team win the game.

After the players get off the ice for warm ups and the ice has been cleaned, one person from the promotions team has to open the door to the ice for the players to get on the ice again for the game to start.

If the Stars won the previous home game, then the person who last opened the door has this responsibility at every game until the Stars lose.

Philips joined the Dallas Stars organization in 2005 and says the superstition has been a tradition within the organization for many years.

“I have been with the Stars for six years and it was around long before me,” Philips said.

One of the Dallas Stars Ice Girls, who takes to the ice during TV time outs to remove excess snow from the ice, also does her part to win the game. She wears the same pair of socks to every game as long as they are on a winning streak. If the Stars lose, then the socks get thrown into the wash and another lucky pair is taken out of the sock drawer.

Dallas Mavericks

Growing up in the Dallas area, Sam Scott, 20, has been a dedicated Dallas Mavericks fan for many years and has gone through several different superstitions.

The SMU junior says that although he is still superstitious about certain aspects on game day, he used to be more devout.

“In high school, I would stand in the same spot in my living room, and by the second quarter there would be foot imprints in the carpet,” Scott said. “This only became problematic when I would play basketball in my driveway barefoot, therefore getting my feet disgusting and making the imprints black.”

Scott explains that other than standing during the games, which he credits to nerves more than superstition, he did not do anything personally to help the Mavericks win the 2011 NBA Finals Championship this past summer.

However, he did enlist his girlfriend, whose first name is Chandler, to wear a Tyson Chandler jersey on game days even though she was interning in Utah.

“It seemed to work, so we kept at it until we won the whole thing,” Scott said.

The Dallas Mavericks won in game six against Miami Heat 105 to 95 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami last season.

Dallas Cowboys

California native Erik Jorgensen, 35, may be new to Texas, but since taking on the job of disc jockey, playing the music for the for the Dallas Cowboys throughout the games in Cowboys Stadium, “DJ EJ” makes sure to do his part to win the game.

Superstitions for Jorgensen begin before he even steps foot in the stadium, or out of his car.

“I park in the same spot every time,” the DJ said. “I know it’ll be there every game because I have to arrive six hours prior to the game time. I parked in that spot the first game and stuck with it since.”

Once in the doors and in his music corner, DJ EJ open’s his music library and is certain to check for one song to make sure he starts the game off right for his Cowboys.

“I play the same song every game when gates open, ‘Show Goes On’ by Lupe Fiasco, just to help brand the start of the show with a consistent
song,” Jorgensen said.