The Daily Update: Tuesday, April 19

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A 23-year-old exchange student is dead after being attacked in her dorm room. Her boyfriend witnessed it all via webcam. Wildfires continue to spread across Texas, and religious leaders are furious over Lady Gaga’s new single. All this and more on your Daily Update.

The Daily Update: Monday, Oct. 4

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The Daily Update: Monday, Oct. 4 from on Vimeo.

The Supreme Court is back today, find out what will make this term different, Verzion wireless has money of their customer’s, are you one of them? And is Uptown getting safer?

Global News Blog: Mexico Drug Cartels Move Across the Border to U.S.

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Posted by Madison Wertz

It is a pretty standard belief that if you live in the United States you can go for a walk in the park with your daughter, shop at the local mall or just be relaxing in your home and assume that you are safe. Well, if your state borders Mexico this belief may not apply to you. The drug wars in Mexico have stepped it up a notch and the cartels are moving their game to U.S. soil.

Reported on Reuter, in Phoenix a hit men dressed in fake police tactical gear, burst into a Phoenix home, shot it up with gunfire and executed a man; I repeat this happened in Phoenix. It also reports that recently in San Diego, California a mother and her daughter where kidnapped in broad daylight and held for ransom south of the boarder by men connected to the Tijuana drug trade. Things are getting pretty messy in Mexico and the cartels are making the message known that their war does not have borders.

I have blogged about this topic once before and have since been paying attention to the media’s reporting on Mexico’s increasingly lost battle. Coverage has gone up but in my opinion not enough. To be fair, it is widely known that American and world media have a lot of territory to cover with the economy and rising unemployment, but I am particularly surprised at our lack of concern for the situation. The State Department just issued a travel alert, advising travels to not visit Mexico and still when I look at CNN, Wall Street Journal and New York Times they have small stories or links about a serious drug cartel that is heavily armed and financially funded.

To play the part of a conspiracy theorist for a moment—does anyone know how the United States pulled itself out of the Great Depression? The economic impact of World War II was implemented, high levels of demand for jobs and workers along with the government needing to buy things like planes and guns. Are we waiting for a war that could provide jobs, shift the focus from the economy to American unity and create supply and demand? It’s a thin spin, but I wouldn’t rule anything out.

For more about the shooting in Phoenix click here and to watch a report about Mexico’s war against the drug cartels click here

Global News Blog: Drug-Infested Mexico Increasingly More Dangerous

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Posted by Madison Wertz

On February 4, retired army general Mauro Enrique Tello Quiñonez was tortured and shot to death less than 24 hours after becoming the newly appointed top anti-drug official. Tello was promoted to govern over the Cancun region and had just recently moved to the area. Authorities found Tello, his aide and personal bodyguard shot dead in a Toyota pickup truck with Tello as the most mistreated of the three victims.

According to this report, Mexico is in an unofficial civil war between organized crime drug cartels and the Mexican government. I find it odd and unsettling that I have not heard American officials comment more on our too close for comfort geographical neighbor’s dire situation. The story gives the latest crime figures from Mexico’s Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora. According to Mora, violent-death rates have doubled in 2008 in comparison to 2007 with 5,440 deaths

CNN reports that Mexico’s most dangerous state Chihuahua is having the most problems with 12 men being gunned down last Tuesday and 1,900 organized crime killings last year.

Is there a reason this has not been in our top news stories? I would like to think that at least California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas have a few thoughts on the matter. With that said, anyone up for spring break in Cancun this year?

For more on the story click here