ARTS BLOG: Are You A Baroque Freak?

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Posted by Petya Kertikova

No doubt fall is the fashion season. All fashion events and reviews are during the fall. A perfect example would be the New York Fashion Show, which just ended a couple of weeks ago.

During fall there are lots of colors women can mix in order to look fashionable and still be creative. Of course, orange, green, yellow, and brown will dominate because of the association with the season itself.

Speaking of colors, clothes, and entire outfits, jewelry was and will always be the perfect accessory. As all women know, a simple necklace can make an entire outfit look fabulous.

They are many different types of jewelry depending on the material used, the shape, the color, etc., but one will definitely be fashionable forever. And that is the Baroque type of jewelry. Not only the shape,colors, but as well the royal story behind it, make women go crazy.

This fall especially, the Baroque jewelry is a total hit. Now, it is up to you whether you will give it a try and feel the historical magic of wearing that fine decorative jewelry.

Arts Blog: Fashion’s Night Out Review

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By Kyle Spencer

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. That is the only word that can describe last night’s Fashion’s Night Out soiree. Hosted by a plethora of Dallas retailers, shops and department stores around the area went all out providing patrons with wine, champagne and mini appetizers.

The atmosphere at NorthPark Center was club chic, as Dallas DJs played mixes of 80′s pop infused with urban hip-hop. Trendsetting Fashion’s Night Out apparel and tote bag were sold with proceeds going to the New York AIDS fund, so your average shopper could feel good about spending a little green. I attended the Barneys New York and Nordstrom’s parties, taking note of what the two high-end stores had in store for fall fashion. Gentlemen: get ready to serve your country. Army fatigues and military inspired apparel makes a a forefront to fall trends. Ladies you can also be “all that you can be” with a similarly styled military look. Think knee-high boots, aviators, and a naval blazers.

Now this blogger understands that not everybody spends their paycheck getting the latest fall designer digs, Evidently there is this thing called food we have to eat, so here’s some advice from Nordstrom’s stylists Manuel Carrasquel and A.J. Narsutis on some essentials that can help any junior fashionista be hip and in style.

Men, make sure your closet is well equipped with a clean button down white shirt. Dressed up or dressed down, this item can be used to anchor the rest of your wardrobe. Another must have is a navy suit. A dark suit will help you with that job interview you’ve been wanting or that last minute wedding you have to get to. A classic suit will pay for itself the moment you slip it on. Don’t forget your dark denim. Dark denim jeans are a fashion necessity. Try Levi-Strauss red-label. It’s classic, trendy and American.

Now it’s the lady’s turn. The little black dress is a no-brainer for the fashion-forward woman. Make sure it accentuates what you want shown and hides what you don’t. A nice dark denim is another item no woman can live without. A dark bootcut jean can make the legs look longer giving off a sleek silhouette. Platform heels are a hit this season and if you get that bonus at work go ahead and splurge with a pair of Christian Louboutins. All these items and more can be found at the Shops at NorthPark Center.

Arts Beat: Brown Bag Shows Serious Talent

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Posted by Johnny Brackett

As a junior at SMU I have been hearing about the Brown Bag Fall Dance Series for the past two years. Unfortunately, like many other students, the word of Brown Bag passing through campus went in one ear and out the other. This year changed that year. I decided it was time to check it out. I refuse to be the type of student who misses everything because I don’t want to take 50 minutes out of my day to see what my SMU? colleagues? have put together. Although what constitutes the difference between ballet and jazz is a mystery to me, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the elegance and talent that the SMU dancers displayed at Brown Bag.?

As a inexperienced dance critic, I saw 13 dances. All of which were amazing to me. There was not a single dance performed at Brown Bag that I could say was horrible. Some were a little more tedious than others, but all of them displayed serious talent.

Out of these dances, I was most impressed by “Work” choreographed by Ken Bell. Bell and his team of dancers performed an? exhilarating? fast-paced routine that included leaps, lifts, jumps and twists. While Bell’s piece was being performed, I took a moment to glance around the audience. Everyone from SMU students and parents to visiting high school students had a smile on their face. I could see the energy of the dancers reflected in the viewers’ eyes. It was not only fun to watch, but the contagious energy of Bell and his dancers made me feel like I was up there strutting my stuff. The end of the dance brought no surprise: roaring applause from the audience.?

The moral of the story here is don’t let your ignorance of certain aspects on SMU campus keep you from experiencing them. Constantly, I hear people saying “I don’t want to go to that, I’m not a dancer. I won’t know what’s going on.” Well people, my question is: how will you ever rise above your ignorance if you don’t open up to new experiences? I feel a tiny bit more educated about dance now because of what I saw and experienced. I am all for learning new things. So the question is: are you??