Sports Blog: UNC vs. SMU School Spirit Face Off

September 28, 2009 by · Comments Off 

Posted by Kimmy Ryan

Where’s the school pride?

After attending the UNC versus Duke field hockey game this weekend in Chapel Hill, it makes me wonder where SMU’s school spirit is?

It was a cold, rainy Saturday in North Carolina, but that did not stop the Tar Heel student body from coming out to support their field hockey players.

In what was expected to be a very close match up between the two rivals, the Tar Heels dominated play and sealed the shutout in a 7-0 win.

But, the score of the game, although very impressive, was not what shocked me the most. The roaring, rowdy crowd was incredibly refreshing compared to SMU’s (no offense) weak fans.

Field hockey, a sport that is not even that big, drew a crowd larger than the student section at the SMU football games. The UNC band, other athletic teams, sorority girls, frat guys, the “Fever” (UNC’s enthusiastic sports fan club), parents, high school students, and more came to support their field hockey athletes.

When deciding what school to attend, many high school seniors take school spirit into account. If SMU faced off against UNC in a school spirit match (no offense, again), but it would be a serious annihilation.

If UNC can pull a large crowd to a field hockey game in the rain, SMU should be able to get a respectable number of people off the boulevard and into Ford stadium on a beautiful day or out of their rooms and into the soccer stadium to watch one of our best teams slide, kick, and run circles around their opponents.

Needless to say, SMU offers a lot of things, but school spirit is not one of them. The problem is obvious, but the solution is unknown.