Bush Blog: Manhattan Construction Executives Talk About the G.W.B Center and SMU’s Campus

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Post by Elizabeth Lowe

Manhattan Construction: GWB Center and The SMU Campus from SMUDailyMustang.com on Vimeo.

Daily Mustang Editor Elizabeth Lowe spoke with Executive Vice President Bob Bowen and Project Executive Mark Penny of Manhattan Construction at the groundbreaking ceremony this week.

Their team headed the conceptual and contracting stage of the George W. Bush Presidential Center and began groundbreaking Nov. 16.
Manhattan Construction also contracted the new Cowboys stadium and Bush Senior’s library.

Follow construction of the Presidential Center via Manhattan Construction’s online webcam of the grounds.

Bush Center Exhibit Opens in Meadows Museum, Builds Momentum For Library

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Article and Photos By Elizabeth Lowe

With 43,00 artifacts, 4 million photographs, and 70 million pages in documents, the George W. Bush Presidential Center is sure to be a historical landmark to rival in Dallas.
However, the center will not be up and running until 2013.

So why is the George W. Bush Foundation opening an exhibit on the library’s artifacts in the Meadows Museum this weekend?

Director of the George W. Bush Center Alan Lowe explained: “we really hope visitors will come to the exhibit to learn more about what we’re doing, to get a sneak peek at the artifacts, and to understand that our goal is to be a great resource for this community.”

Lowe also said that throughout the development process, the Bush Center has been identifying ways to better engage the SMU students and faculty.

At the “Breaking New Ground: Presenting the George W. Bush Presidential Center” exhibit, locals and visitors in the Dallas area can get a preview of what the Presidential Library will look like and what pieces it will house. Representatives from the Bush Foundation say it’s a way for them to raise interest and excitement for the future Center.

The exhibit in Meadows showcases pieces in an intimate space. Featured artifacts include a letter from Bono to President Bush, the pistol retrieved from Saddam Hussein during his capture, the bullhorn used by the President when he visited Ground Zero, an ensemble designed by Oscar de la Renta worn by Mrs. Bush at a White House dinner with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, plus many more.

“At the core we are about preserving and making accessible these materials and then using them to educate. We certainly hope this exhibit is part of that process,” said Lowe.

The exhibit, titled “Breaking New Ground,” also acts as a precursor to the scheduled Nov. 16 groundbreaking. This event has already stirred speculations of a large protest and many media outlets are on-call to cover whatever events may occur.

Taylor Adams of The Daily Campus asked Director Lowe his thoughts on the reaction to the November groundbreaking and possible protests.

“Our focus that day is on the groundbreaking and showing to the community what we are and what we plan on doing,” said Lowe. “We think we have a very positive story to tell here and a very important resource to provide – that’s what the day will be about for us.”

“Breaking New Ground” exhibit will be free and open to the public in the Meadows Museum from October 23, 2010 through February 6, 2011.

University Park City Council Approves Plan for Bush Library

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By Halle Organ

A detailed site plan for the George W. Bush Presidential Center was approved by University Park City Council Tuesday night.

The Planned Development Conceptual Site Plan for the construction of the Presidential Center was approved in March, but the Council asked the Planning and Zoning Commission to comply with special conditions before a building permit could be issued.

University Park Chief Planning Official Harry Persaud presented the detailed site plan that entailed these conditions.

One of the conditions required that the plan include a crosswalk across Boedeker Street on SMU Boulevard. Persaud said that a crosswalk will be built and the George W. Bush Foundation will provide minimum standard lighting for safe pedestrian activity near the crosswalk. This will serve as a safety measure for pedestrians walking from the overflow parking lot to the main building.

Furthermore, Persaud said the Bush Foundation is waiting for the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) to approve of a High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) System to make the crosswalk even safer. The HAWK System allows traffic to flow freely until a pedestrian presses a button, activating a red light to stop cars.

“The HAWK is the highest and best form of pedestrian safety,” Persaud said.

He is positive the Texas MUTCD will approve of it, and the Federal MUTCD already has.

A condition requiring that the Director of Public Works approve the location, design and language of each directional sign was not met. Persaud said the signs had not yet been approved by the director, but will make sure they are taken care of before a building permit is issued.

The initiation of a masonry wall north of the East and West parking facilities was also required in the detailed site plan. Persaud explained that a wall will be built on the east side of Boedeker that will vary between 9 and 10 feet based on the topography of the land. It will be installed before construction on the foundation of the above ground primary structure begins. The parking lots will be built at the same time as the masonry wall.

Councilmember Walker moved to approve the detailed site plan, requiring special attention to the approval of both the directional signs and the HAWK System in the building permit stage.