Global News Blog: High Uncertainty, Causing Waves

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Posted by Taylor Reed

Looking on Facebook for the past few days all I saw was numerous posts about national coming out day, and those supporting friends and family members who have embraced their true identity.

In America this display of freedom of expression is quite typical, due to the fact that we as a nation are as a whole understanding of different viewpoints and ideals. However, in countries such as Austria this display is extremely offensive and would create huge waves across the nation.

This lack of understanding and desire to accept new change branches from a high uncertainty rating and a complex past (WWII) that opposed these new ideals. An example of this lack of understanding is seen in the waves created by a transgendered teacher teaching in a Vienna school.

Though the teacher was allowed to teach, there were massive protests at the school opposing this. This country also has had issues accepting new immigrants within the country. Though these are just small examples, on relatively small issues, I believe this branches to a larger issue of cultural understanding of new ideas and concepts that will be impacting individuals of all ages, races, and countries due to globalization.

With technology becoming commonplace the flow of new ideas and viewpoints are able to reach individuals in a way like never before. All we have to do as a nation is be prepared for this influx of ideas.

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