Student Health: Workout at Home

April 20, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

By Marissa Adamany

No time to hit the gym? I understand–life gets crazy. There’s laundry to do, papers to write and parties to get ready for. But that doesn’t excuse you from exercising. I’ve got just the quick workout for you, and you don’t even have to leave your room.

Do three set of the exercises listed below. Work up to 20 reps of each exercise. Do these everyday you can’t get to the gym, and you’ll have your friends asking, “Dang, who’s your trainer?”

  • Triceps dips- Sit on a bench or chair with hands resting next to thighs. Push up and bring the hips out, rear just brushing the bench, knees bent. Bend the elbows and lower body down (staying close to bench) until elbows are 90 degrees. Push up and repeat. Straighten the legs for more intensity.
  • Triceps one-armed pushup- Lie down on left side, hips and knees stacked. Wrap the left arm around torso so that left hand is resting on the right waist. Place the right hand on the floor in front of you, palm parallel to the body. Squeeze the triceps and push your body up. Lower and repeat before switching sides.
  • Squats on tiptoes- With feet wider than hips, squat down and place hands on phone book in front of you. Raise up on the tips of your toes. Staying on tiptoes and fingertips, lift hips up towards the ceiling and straighten the knees as much as you can. Squat back down and repeat, staying in tiptoes the entire time. Modify by placing hands higher (on a chair or bed).
  • Lunge with arms overhead- Stand in split stance with feet about three feet apart. Hold phone book or weight straight up overhead. Bend the knees and lower into a lunge, bringing both knees to 90 degree angles, front knee behind toe. Keeping weight overhead, push back up and repeat before switching legs.