The Daily Update: Wednesday, Nov. 10

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Elizabeth Smart was forced to relive her nightmare in court, find out what airlines are going to be doing this holiday season and more about the SMU football team.

Swine Flu Shots Available on Campus

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Nicolette Schleisman

People lined up inside Saint Barnabas Presbyterian Church to receive an H1N1 vaccine Saturday afternoon. They were the last group of high-risk individuals to get the shot from the county.

The first priority group served were children according to Zachary Thompson, the director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services. Over 10,000 people attended the second clinic for uninsured citizens in the Dallas area. Dallas County opened up the vaccination to the rest of the public on Sunday.

“We feel like we have basically reached everyone who is in need of the vaccine,” said Thompson. “The key now is to utilize it while the vaccine is here with the interest still high.”

Catherine Richard, a certified nursing assistant, was at the clinic on the Saturday. She waited to get the shot for several reasons.

“I think its good for my body, I’m 57 years old and I take the flu shot every year,” said Richard. “This year I already took the seasonal flu shot, so this is just double protection.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that the number of H1N1 cases from April to October was around 22 million. They also estimate the number of deaths from H1N1 is around 3,900, with the most number of deaths falling between the ages of 18 and 64.

In Texas, there have been over 1,679 hospitalizations and 177 deaths from H1N1 according to the Texas Department of State Health services.

SMU has not escaped the H1N1 flu, Patrick Hite, the Director of SMU Memorial Health Center, reported that the number of cases on campus were in the hundreds. Tuesday was the first day that the H1N1 vaccine was available on campus.

“We just got the vaccinations in last week because we were the least priority group. We received about 700 vaccinations,” Hite said. “There are about 600 left as of now.”

Only 36 students and faculty members had received the vaccination as of 11 a.m. Tuesday. After this week, there will not be any more vaccinations provided until January, according to Hite.

SMU sophomore, Elizabeth Banta, was sick in the beginning of the school year with H1N1.

“I think I missed a whole week of classes,” Barta said. “I could still do the work because I had the syllabus, but it was harder because I wasn’t in class.”

To prevent H1N1, the SMU health center and the CDC recommend that you get the vaccination. They also recommend you frequently wash your hands, do not share food or drink with others and cover your mouth when coughing.

SMU will be offering H1N1 shots Thursday, Dec. 10, 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Friday, Dec. 11 from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Big D Blog: Dallas Morning News Simplifies H1N1

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Posted by Estela Nunez

So Dallas County has confirmed two more H1N1 related deaths earlier this week, which brings the total to 19.

As the number of swine flu related deaths continues to rise in the Dallas area, people may begin to grow weary if they have yet to get their vaccine.

But don’t fret! Thanks to the Dallas Morning News’s H1N1 shot database finding out if your local doctor is offering the vaccine is only a mouse click away.

The database provides quick and accessible information such as address, and number of shipments offered at that clinic.

So no more excuses for those who have yet to get their vaccine, it is urged that you do so.

Campus News Blog: Tips for Combatting H1N1

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Posted by Katherine Helms

After endless swine flu coverage, have you gotten your H1N1 vaccine? According to federal health officials, approximately 4,000 Americans have died from the swine flu. This number is significantly higher than their previous estimation. Personally, I was shocked by this number and as usual started checking every health website seek out new tips to stay healthy.

With the semester coming to an end and exams in the near future, illness is the last thing any student wants to deal with, especially not H1N1. Most websites gave the same precautionary advice. These tips are most likely well known across the SMU campus due to the numerous school emails providing prevention tips, but it never hurts to hear them again and reconsider if you are taking the proper actions to protect yourself. Wash your hands (for at least 20 seconds), avoid close contact, get extra sleep, avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes, and educate yourself on the symptoms. Although I have known the tips, I started to think of all the germ-infested items I touch throughout the day. I am ashamed to say I do not think twice about touching many of the items, such as the computer keyboards across campus, gym equipment, even and probably most obvious door handles. After contemplation, I am going to stock up on Purell and pray to stay healthy from H1N1. Perhaps you too will take to heart some of these tips and will be equally as successful in combating this virus!

Big D Blog: Bittersweet Halloween

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Posted by Estela Nunez

Costume, check. A bag for the goodies, check. Hand sanitizer, check.

Yes, that’s right, hand sanitizer and lots of it! One of the most awaited holidays by kids and some adults might not be so sweet this year.

With the dilemma over H1N1, doctors fear that with all those anxious little hands going door-to-door in search of candy might cause the virus to spread more than it has in the previous months.

Could doctors be blowing this out of portion or should people really be worried?

Doctors says that a virus has the capacity of living in plastic masks, like those of many of the costumes for up to twelve hours!

For the many worrisome mothers out there this isn’t exactly the greatest of news. I mean who wants to put a damper on their kid’s favorite holiday.

I mean this is the one time out of the whole year when you can get away with eating a large amounts of candy, and mom won’t yell “stop eating so many sweets!”

So the big question is, will mothers put a halt on the night kids wait for all year long? Or will they stock up on hand sanitizer and take a risk?