Freshman Focus: SMU Health Center

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Dorm life can rapidly spread germs during flu season. Without your mother to help take care of you, SMU’s Memorial Health Center may be just what you need.

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Students Fight Procrastination as Finals Near

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By Alex O’Neal

Jaya T. Mathew gave advice to students, faculty, and staff about how they could “fight the monster within” on Wednesday, April 28 in Southern Methodist University’s Health Center. The monster she was referring to was procrastination.

With the school year winding down, it is easy to become distracted or realize the due date for that paper or project you’ve been putting off is closer than you thought. In fact, it is estimated that 90% of college students procrastinate.

Mathew, a Licensed Master Social Worker and a Pre-Doctoral psychology intern, explained that there are many forms of procrastination.

“Whether it is registering for classes late, being tardy for class regularly, not returning an e-mail or voicemail, not doing laundry, or doing your work last minute, when you put something off to ‘do sometime later’ you are procrastinating,” Mathew said.

Mathew said that procrastinating could stem from a number of reasons for avoidance, but always stem from some type of emotion or feeling. To help cope with those feelings, she said that it is imperative to identify the causes and effects of procrastinating each task.

For example, she suggested that deciding to sit down and work on a task without distraction for 15 minutes straight allows you to know that the work can be done and it is accomplishable in increments. Also, the 15 minutes can often lead to more time spent working.

She also suggested to plan on having obstacles, but be willing to work against them to achieve that feeling of having a weight lifted off of your shoulders and being able to reward yourself afterward.

“Just identify what you need to work on,” Mathew said. “With proper time management and setting reasonable goals and following a plan, anyone to get their cake and eat it too.”

Campus News Blog: Seasonal Flu Vaccine Now Available at the SMU Health Center

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Posted by Maria A. Prato

If you’re worried about getting the flu, don’t be. The seasonal flu vaccine is now available at the SMU Health Center

Health agencies strongly recommend everyone to get the seasonal flu vaccine as soon as possible. Seasonal flu is expected to occur between early October and late March.

The best way to prevent it is by getting the vaccination each flu season.

If you’re wondering about the vaccine for the H1N1 virus, the vaccine is currently in production and the SMU Health Center plans to have it available later this fall.

Cases of the H1N1 virus continue to be reported on campus. Bust most of them have been mild.

The H1N1 flu and the seasonal flu are different, and it is possible to catch both of them this season. If you had the seasonal flu vaccination before September 2009 you are not protected for the upcoming flu season.

If you’re interested in getting the seasonal flu vaccine it costs 25$

For more information and clinic’s schedulevisit the SMU flu website.

Big D Blog: Flu shots available on campus

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Posted by Estela Nunez

Flu season is fast approaching this year so you know what that means. It’s time to get your seasonal flu shot.

The SMU Health Center is now offering the vaccine.  Prices vary for students, employees, retirees, and retiree spouses.

You can save time at the clinic by completing the seasonal flu vaccine form, review the Health Center’s privacy policy,

review the flue vaccine information, and bring your student ID.

You can find a time and day that best suites your schedule by going online. Vaccines will be offered until Thursday, October 22.

Healthy Habits for Finals Week

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Posted by Donnie Wyar

Feel like you’re ready for finals? Would a free massage help to get those brain juices flowing?

If you’re stressing about exams and need to take a break from preparing for finals, stop by Hughes-Trigg Student Center Portico E at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 3 to learn about how to stay well during exams.

The hour-long event, sponsored by the Health Center and New Student Programs, will feature free massages, healthy food options and stress balls will be available!

Also, a panel of professionals will be on hand to discuss how to safely make it through finals without letting the stress take a toll on your body.

Stress balls and free massages? I’m on my way.

Keep Calm During Stressful Finals Season

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Posted by Donnie Wyar

As deadlines for semester-long research projects appear much closer than they once did and with final exams looming right after Thanksgiving break, now is the perfect time to get some tips on stress management.

Students, faculty and staff are invited to attend an hour-long Brown Bag Presentation on Stress Management in SMU’s Memorial Health Center at noon Monday, Nov. 24.

Attendees of the event, which is located in the Counseling and Psychiatric Services office on the second floor (room 205) of the Health Center, will be given information about the effects of stress and tools to deal with it.

Enough with the mounting pressures of finishing the semester on a strong note and wanting to do well on exams. Prepare yourself for exams with helpful tips from the Health Center.

Relax. You can do this.