The Daily Update: Thursday, Sept. 16

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On today’s Daily Update find out about what new is being done to the oil spill. Also find out about the controversial trip the Pope is making to the UK, Edwin Newman dies, and more

VIDEO: Mustang Minute, Wednesday Feb. 24

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Global News Blog: New Administration Pointing Fingers?

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On Wednesday, the United States was criticizing China for its annual report on human rights just one week after new Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, visited Beijing. In 2008, during the examination of human rights in more than 190 countries, the state criticized many of its usual targets including Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Myanmar, and Zimbabwe.
Posted by Medley Buttermore

The report, studied in this article, covers the final year of the Bush administration and states that “the most serious human rights abuses tended to occur in countries where unaccountable rulers wielded unchecked power or there was government failure or collapse, often exacerbated or caused by internal or external conflict which regularly draws the anger of foreign governments targeted for criticism.”

Clinton spoke of how “the promotion of human rights is an essential piece of our foreign policy; not only will we seek to live up to our ideals on American soil, we will pursue greater respect for human rights as we engage other nations and people around the world.” The U.S. has always pointed fingers at China, but on her visit last week, Clinton spoke of joint efforts to ease the financial global crisis, fight climate change and curb North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. But if this issue of human rights was so important and pressing why did Hilary Clinton not mention it while visiting last week?