DU: Wednesday, September 1

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On today’s Daily Update find out about the career fair prep day and how the Career Center can help impress potential employers. Also, get a preview of tonight’s men’s soccer game and hear how single drivers can pay their way into the HOV lanes.

Daily Update: Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010

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Watch today’s Daily Update to see footage from the reception welcoming the new dean of Dedman College. Also, learn more about Hurricane Earl’s path of destruction and Biden’s trip to Iraq.

Global News Blog: Iraq’s Crucial Piece in the Rebuilding Process

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Posted by Alex Castriota

Since the fall of the Hussein Regime, people all over Iraq have been rebuilding everything from schools and homes, to newer irrigation networks and airports.

However, another type of rebuilding project received some much needed help when Iraq’s national football (soccer) team received reinstatement from the international governing body of football, FIFA.

Despite early success in the post-Hussein era, the Iraq’s national football team ran into some difficulties in 2008, when Iraq’s governing body disbanded all national sports federations.

With no national federation for football, FIFA suspended Iraq from international competition. The decision was overturned a few days later when Iraq’s government overturned the decision to disband the Iraqi Football Association.

The issue came to light again in November 2009 when Iraq again decided to disband the national federation. Not surprisingly, FIFA took quick action with a warning and swift suspension.

On March 19, 2010, FIFA announced the Iraqi National Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee had helped restore the IFA’s “full authority”, lifting the international ban on Iraq football.

Although sport may not seem like a crucial part of the rebuilding in Iraq, to some people, football is the only form of recreation and escape from the daily grind.

The return of Iraq’s national pastime is sure to raise the morale of those in a nation with so much uncertainty.

Global News Blog: Iraq-ing the Vote

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Posted by Alex Castriota

Despite months of preliminary attacks and warnings to stay away from the polls, Iraqi citizens made a strong showing on Election Day. According to reports, about 62% of those eligible voted in the March 7 Election, matching the numbers of those in the United States in the 2008 Presidential Election.

It may be difficult for us to imagine a world where people would be willing to risk their lives to cast their vote, but this should provide a wakeup call for countries like the United States. As we approach another election season, we should all be thankful for the opportunity to have our voices heard without fear.

If a nation living in fear of violence and terror can boast a 62% voter turnout, how can the United States be complacent with similar numbers under more serene conditions?

While we may not have the perfect system with all the answers, people should realize their voice is valuable. In a nation where everyone has enjoyed the freedom of speech for hundreds of years, it can be easy to see how some people take it for granted.

However, people like Inam Ali help us understand how much a voice means to those who previously had none.

Global News Blog: Iraq’s Biggest Asset, Cell Phones

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Posted by Erica Pelletier

Iraqis now report that the best benefit of the western occupation of their country is not freedom or democracy, as our previous administration would like to believe.

Iraqis report that they are most attached to their cell phones.

In recent reports, researchers found that cell phones once served as communication lifelines to families separated by the war. Today cell phone credits play the same role as currency. Kidnappers request ransoms in mobile credits, prostitutes bill in mobile credits and estranged relatives support their families with the credits as well.

Has western consumerism struck the Middle East and will the citizens of Baghdad demand iPhones as American troops withdraw in 2011? Only the future will tell. Right now, the government is expanding its list of providers to increase competition and the U.N. plans to spread the same cell phone phenomenon to Syria.