The Daily Update: Monday, Dec 6

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Join us for an abbreviated version of The Daily Update where we tell you about illegal immigrants in Texas public schools, a massive fire in Israel, and who kicked Harry Potter out of the number one spot in the box office.

The Daily Update: Wednesday, Oct. 20

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Find out about where you will be able to view all scrolls from the Dead Sea online, the score that brings the Texas Rangers one game closer to the World Series, and a culinary contest at the American Airlines Center

Global News Blog: Teenage Drinking ‘Epidemic’ in Israel

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Posted by Ally Owens

Over the years, the increase of teenage drinking across America has become a major topic of discussion. But while it is heavily publicized in the U.S., it seems teenagers in other countries are having the same problem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a recent government meeting that teenage drinking in Israel is “on the verge of becoming an epidemic.” Netanyahu mentioned a 15 percent increase in alcohol consumption over the past three years, as well as a report that one third of teens between 12 to 18 years of age reported getting drunk. Perhaps the most telling figure was that 20% of boys in the sixth grade reported having drunk an alcoholic beverage once a week.

Although these figures sound extreme, they probably aren’t that far off from teens in America. Which begs the question: What are Americans and Israelis going to do to help the problem?

Netanyahu proposed a plan to combat teenage drinking in three ways. First, create legislation to limit the selling of alcohol to minors and harsher punishment for breaking the law. Second, crack down on enforcement in clubs and bars, and third, create an atmosphere that opposes the consumption of alcohol.

With all these measures, hopefully Israel can make a dent in the staggering numbers of teenage drinkers. Maybe the U.S. can follow suit and take action to bring their numbers down, too.

Global News Blog: Americans in Israel Demand ‘Reform’ on Health Care Provision

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Posted by Ally Owens

It looks like President Barack Obama’s health care reform is affecting more than just people in America. The Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel, a group that helps Americans living in Israel, is launching a campaign to protest a clause in the health care plan that includes taxing Americans living abroad who opt out of coverage.

This week AACI sent a mass e-mail urging Americans living in Israel to write their senators and demand that the tax provision be left out of the final draft of the legislation. While the House version of the bill passed without the tax provision included, the Senate version, which has yet to be voted on, still includes the provision. If the bill is passed by the Senate, it could become law when the two pieces of legislation are merged.

If passed, the approximately 80,000 Americans living in Israel would be subjected to pay an annual tax of $750 with a minimum tax of $1,900 per family. The AACI maintains that it could affect other Anglo immigrants if their countries adopted a similar clause toward excise tax in health care.

Global News Blog: Israel ‘Goes Green’ with New Proposal

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Posted by Ally Owens

There’s new emphasis on the campaign to “go green” in Israel. And it goes much further than trying to reduce the use of plastic bags. Recently, the Knesset Economic Affairs committee voted in favor of a program to prohibit the sale of “electricity-hogging” household appliances.

If passed, the new law to begin in March 2010 will affect the use of dishwashers, driers, electrical ovens, washing machines, and other utilities as designated by the Israel Standards Institute. While other measures have been taken to conserve energy, this bill was submitted as part of a program designed to increase the efficiency of energy use of 20% by 2020. The installment of the law will be followed by a public campaign by the National Infrastructure Ministry to promote the conservation of energy.

So while people in America are supporting the popular campaign to keep our planet green, look to Israel for an example. There is always something more than we can do to take it to the next level.