LIVE BLOG RECAP: How Social Media Can Make You a Better Journalist

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SMU journalism students Samantha Cangelosi and Natalie Posgate live-blogged the Friday early bird session on social media featuring ThomsonReuters personal finance editor Lauren Young, executive business editor Marty Wolk and SMU j-prof Jake Batsell. You can download Batsell’s presentation here.

SMU Daily Mustang Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

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By SMU Daily Mustang Staff

Today is the two-year anniversary of our multi-platform student news site, the SMU Daily Mustang. Since Sept. 15, 2008 we have been proud to serve the SMU Community with our convergent news coverage.

Our readership has increased tremendously over the past two years. Clicks came from 149 countries over the past year, ranging from the United States to Tanzania. Our audience on Twitter increased 63% this year alone, and the SMU Daily Mustang Facebook page is our top referring site. Last year’s site redesign displays more news content than ever before, making the site more interactive and easier to navigate.

Some highlights from the past two years:

Last fall, the Mustang won national recognition from the Center for Innovation in College Media for the Best Breaking News Package of 2009, validating the hard work of five students who covered the inauguration of President Obama in Washington, D.C.

The Daily Mustang increasingly is cooperating with The Daily Campus, most notably during the recent NOLA Now project, during which five of Prof. Lucy Scott’s Broadcast II students traveled to New Orleans for the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Two Mustang staffers traveled to Hawaii over winter break to cover SMU’s historic return to a bowl game.

May marked the debut of SHIFT Magazine, a new eZine launched by Prof. Mark Vamos’ Magazine Writing students.

Professor Jayne Suhler’s Reporting II students produced a series of interesting, unusual and quirky stories as part of a course project called “You May Not Know This, But …” published seven audio slideshows produced by Digital Journalism students as part of the radio station’s special Economy Project.

The Mustang had a second productive year as a content partner with hyperlocal news site Pegasus News.

Students constantly experimented with new tools, such as live blogs and chats from news and sports events; live-streaming videos from games and press conferences; and live audio broadcasts for basketball games and football pre-game festivities on the Boulevard.

You can “like” us at our Facebook page and help us reach 2,000 followers on Twitter.

Tips on Building Your Own Brand, From The Expert

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Mike D. Merrill Speaks at Social Media Workshop from on Vimeo.

Video by Aida Ahmed / Editing by Aida Ahmed and Andy Garcia

Mike D. Merrill, president of the Social Media Club of Dallas and director of marketing at ReachLocal, spoke to SMU students, staff and professionals in the fields of journalism and public affairs at the Social Media Workshop at SMU’s Division of Journalism on Saturday. During his presentation, Merrill talked about how to build your personal brand on the social web using tools like Twitter, LinkedIn and your own domain. The workshop was presented by the Press Club of Dallas and the Asian American Journalists Association.

Jessica Nuñez and Victoria Harres

The Social Media Workshop at SMU's Division of Journalism on Saturday included guest speakers Jessica Nuñez (left), owner of Nuñez PR Group, and Victoria Harres, director of audience development for PR Newswire. Nuñez and Harres shared tips on how social media can help public relations professionals connect with reporters online and distribute clients' messages to a wider audience. (PHOTO BY AIDA AHMED / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

The workshop also included guest speakers Jessica Nuñez, owner of Nuñez PR Group, and Victoria Harres, director of audience development for PR Newswire. Nuñez and Harres shared tips on how social media can help public relations professionals connect with reporters online and distribute clients’ messages to a wider audience.

The opening panel focused on how to use social media as a journalistic tool. In this audio file, SMU digital journalism professor Jake Batsell introduces Theodore Kim, staff writer for The Dallas Morning News, and Mike Orren, founder of Pegasus News, each of whom shared social media strategies and practical tools for reporters:

What’s Wrong With Being Second?

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By Briana Darensburg

Narcissistic, lazy and spoiled are just a few of the characteristics that some may use to describe Generation Y. From social networking sites that are used as virtual ego inflators to the instant-fame obsessed culture, it’s no wonder people have diagnosed the Millennials as “overdosed on self-esteem.”

However, there is a new counterculture movement called I AM SECOND and it has leaked onto the SMU campus. According to their website, the organization is meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others.

Representatives from the nationwide movement range from athletes like former University of Texas quarterback, Colt McCoy, to American Idol’s Jason Castro, to the every day person.

The movement uses short videos of personal testimonies that deal with the typical struggles of everyday living.

SMU junior James Parker saw the need for a group that empowers students to live for something greater than them—to be second. He decided to begin the first I AM SECOND group early this spring in the Mary Hay Hall.

“I see this [group] not just as a Christian thing, but for each other,” Parker said.

Although James is well-connected with students as a resident advisor and a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, he didn’t know what to expect the first meeting.

“I thought maybe six or seven students would show up, but when I opened the door, it was like a roar,” Parker said.

To his surprise, nearly 30 students showed up at the first meeting.

Perhaps SMU students have their own perceptions of religious based groups, but Parker said that the I AM SECOND group on campus is not what you may think. On the group’s Facebook page is a disclaimer stating, “I AM SECOND is not: a bible study, church group, youth group or whatever.”

Due to the success of the group, four other resident halls now host a discussion group. The meetings consist of watching an I AM SECOND video and then discussing how it relates to your life.

The discussion groups not only talk about students’ personal struggles but how they are able to become second to God.

Group leader Evan Taylor said he envisions the group volunteering together so they can grow closer.

“We are community-based and about each other,” Taylor said.

Freshman Kacey Nelson, a participant in the group agrees that helping others should be something people focus more time on.

“I don’t think people spend enough time helping others,” Nelson said. “It doesn’t even have to be religious.”

Although the I AM SECOND group on campus is rooted in Christian values, the group strives to be inclusive and welcomes people from all religions to attend the meetings.

Nelson said that the group does not allow people to be judgmental and Taylor said students will not feel out of place.

“I just want SMU to know that this is a safe place,” Taylor said “No one would be bashed for their beliefs.”

With a selfless movement like I AM SECOND on the rise, it is unclear as to whether some Generation Y stereotypes are warranted. In fact, the Pew Research Center conducted a report on the values, attitudes and behaviors of Millennials.

The study found that the things Millennials value in life mirror the things older generations value. Family matters most and fame and fortune are much less important.

Journalism professor at SMU, Jake Batsell, also argues against Generation Y stereotypes in his recent blog post titled, “Journalism’s Next Generation: Working with Millennials.” Batsell claims that SMU journalism students actually want to make a difference.

“They want to use their multi-platform storytelling skills to do some good,” Batsell said.

Helping others has certainly become a trend at SMU.

“Two recent SMU grads spent part of last summer reporting and blogging from Romanian orphanages and one of our recent alums helped start an orphanage in Uganda,” wrote Batsell.

There are many different opportunities to ‘be second’ and make a difference at SMU. If you would like to get involved with the I AM SECOND’ group on campus, they hold meetings at Perkins Hall, Mary Hay Hall, Virginia Snider Hall, Shuttles Hall and Morrison-McGinnis Hall.

You can check out their website for SMU students for more information.