The Daily Update: Tuesday, May 3

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The Daily Update: Tuesday, May 3 from on Vimeo.

The Dallas Love Field airport is getting a face lift. Education budget cuts may cause more students to apply for student loans, and The Daily Campus and The Daily Mustang are merging. Find out all this and more on your Daily Update.

The Daily Update: Thursday, April 28

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Obama released his birth certificate after rising criticism from “birthers.” Coverage for the Royal Wedding starts at 3 a.m. CDT tomorrow, and Ke$ha performs at Moody Coliseum tonight. Find out all this and more on today’s Daily Update.

The Daily Update: Thursday, Nov. 18

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It’s a big day for news! New York representative charlie rangel awaits his sanctions for federal corruption charges, bird flu flys back into China, and the SMU Student Senate passes new legistaltion supporting undocumented students. Learn about all this and more on today’s Daily Update.

The Daily Update: Thursday, Nov. 18 from on Vimeo.

Arts Blog: Fashion’s Night Out Review

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By Kyle Spencer

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. That is the only word that can describe last night’s Fashion’s Night Out soiree. Hosted by a plethora of Dallas retailers, shops and department stores around the area went all out providing patrons with wine, champagne and mini appetizers.

The atmosphere at NorthPark Center was club chic, as Dallas DJs played mixes of 80′s pop infused with urban hip-hop. Trendsetting Fashion’s Night Out apparel and tote bag were sold with proceeds going to the New York AIDS fund, so your average shopper could feel good about spending a little green. I attended the Barneys New York and Nordstrom’s parties, taking note of what the two high-end stores had in store for fall fashion. Gentlemen: get ready to serve your country. Army fatigues and military inspired apparel makes a a forefront to fall trends. Ladies you can also be “all that you can be” with a similarly styled military look. Think knee-high boots, aviators, and a naval blazers.

Now this blogger understands that not everybody spends their paycheck getting the latest fall designer digs, Evidently there is this thing called food we have to eat, so here’s some advice from Nordstrom’s stylists Manuel Carrasquel and A.J. Narsutis on some essentials that can help any junior fashionista be hip and in style.

Men, make sure your closet is well equipped with a clean button down white shirt. Dressed up or dressed down, this item can be used to anchor the rest of your wardrobe. Another must have is a navy suit. A dark suit will help you with that job interview you’ve been wanting or that last minute wedding you have to get to. A classic suit will pay for itself the moment you slip it on. Don’t forget your dark denim. Dark denim jeans are a fashion necessity. Try Levi-Strauss red-label. It’s classic, trendy and American.

Now it’s the lady’s turn. The little black dress is a no-brainer for the fashion-forward woman. Make sure it accentuates what you want shown and hides what you don’t. A nice dark denim is another item no woman can live without. A dark bootcut jean can make the legs look longer giving off a sleek silhouette. Platform heels are a hit this season and if you get that bonus at work go ahead and splurge with a pair of Christian Louboutins. All these items and more can be found at the Shops at NorthPark Center.

Politics Blog: Ground Zero Mosque

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Posted by Kyle Spencer

The “Ground Zero Mosque” has stirred controversy all summer and is one of the most divisive issues in our country right now. While people debate on whether or not it’s a good idea to build a Muslim Cultural Center near Ground Zero, I have a more pressing question I’d liked answered: What does it mean to be American?

I remember in 2008 when Barrack Obama was elected President of the United States and the hope that many Americans shared. Barrack Obama represented something that was bigger then himself. Only half a century before was our own president not aloud to drink from the same water fountain as his Vice President, Joe Biden. We had done the unthinkable as a nation. We had elected the first African-American to, debatably, the highest position in the world.

Which brings me back to my question, what does it truly mean to be American? In Obama’s case it was being raised by a white mother and black father in the 60’s. It was being a nonreligious man who was able to covert to Christianity. It was being from a lower middle-class, biracial family and graduating from Harvard. It’s being the first black president. It is the personification of the American dream.

So why is it we can look at this man and see the hope for American, but are so steadfast on stopping the building of a Mosque?

Has America once again become trapped by our past prejudices? We have come so far in the spectrum of tolerance and understanding only to once again be set back by stereotypes and propaganda. Haven’t we seen this before? The Communism scare, the Black “savage” and now Muslims. If we are truly Americans then we must adhere to what this country has stood for and will always stand for, freedom and liberty.

The reason why America is so great is because our inherent differences don’t keep us from the right to liberty. A gay man can live openly without fear of retribution. A woman can speak her mind without fear of public stoning. A group of Muslims can build a worship center in Downtown New York without fear than his fellow citizen will enact revenge.

What does it mean to be American? Is it denying a religious right to worship where they see fit, or is it denying a few plane hijackers and their followers the comfort of knowing that they compromised our core principles?

What kind of American are you?