Campus Life Blog: Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011 by · Comments Off 

Posted by Elena Harding

I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

It’s not because I’m frugal or think everyday should be a celebration of love, it’s because I think Valentine’s Day is silly.

Flowers are nice, so are chocolates and other gifts, but something about Valentine’s Day seems contrived to me. With the apparent good intentions of the day, showing loved ones that you care about them also comes with an artificial sense of urgency and expectation. This unnecessary stress pressures people to behave a certain way during a certain time of the year.

The commercial hype surrounding the holiday does not appeal to me. Neither does the price gouging that accompanies it, particularly for roses.

Whether the day originates from Christian martyrs, Chaucer or the pagan Lupercalia festival, I’ll continue not to celebrate Valentine’s Day.