The Daily Update: Wednesday, April 20

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Discover how a mother plans to make her daughters prom sweet. The Dallas mayoral candidate took place at the Hilltop yesterday, learn how it went. And find out why first lady Michelle Obama made a high altitude emergency detour. All this and more on your Daily Update!

Opinion Blog: Obesity in America

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Posted by Elizabeth Siebman

Shopping with my boyfriend is always a struggle, especially in the produce aisle.

I don’t mind spending extra money for organic products, while my frugal-minded boyfriend wants to buy the basic apples, oranges, and bananas. This has resulted in numerous arguments trying to pick out items to prepare for lunch and dinner. We finally agreed on a compromise. On his week to buy, he makes the decision, on my week, I buy organic.

Obesity and nutritious living have become important concepts in American life. First Lady Michele Obama is currently addressing this growing issue in her program, “Let’s Move”. The program addresses four key components to combat childhood obesity: helping parents make healthy family choices, healthier school food, increased physical activity, and access to affordable healthy food.

It’s easy to say that better eating and exercising habits are the keys to conquering obesity but that is not entirely the case. We must also make sure that people have access to healthy foods. In Dallas, there are more grocery stores surrounding the Highland Park, University Park, and Uptown areas than the areas further south.

According to a recent article in The Atlantic, poorer neighborhoods have fewer grocery stores per capita and the convenient stores where they can purchase food contain processed, low quality foods.

This does not help to solve the growing crisis. In order to fight obesity in adults and children, fresh foods must be available to the consumers at a reasonable price.

Additionally children must learn the importance of healthy eating. Michele Obama’s program is addressing this issue as well as the new television show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Chef, Jamie Oliver, is addressing childhood obesity within a school located in a small West Virginian town. Oliver believes that, “[Every] child in America has the right to fresh, nutritious foods and that every family deserves real, honest, wholesome food.” Oliver stresses that better cooking at home and schools will lead to an improvement in the obesity problem.

I’m not sure if eating organic is entirely necessary, but obesity is an issue that must be addressed. A new grocery store named Aldi has appeared in the Dallas area. The store sells commonly bought items at a lower price than its competitors. They are opening several locations in areas that do not already possess a high number of grocery stores. Stores, like Aldi, will help provide healthier food to a larger number of people. It’s stepping stones like this that will eventually help solve the obesity problem in America.

Politics blog: Imagining the Debate Aftermath

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Posted by Liz Ford

I like to imagine what goes on in the candidates’ private lives after a debate. Because, in all honesty, the debates have been downright boring compared to the cutthroat ads airing on television.

Here is my vision:

John McCain slumps down on the edge of a bed near Cindy, shoulders hunched, hands clenched.

“I hate him, I hate him, I hate him! Cindy, I hate him!” McCain begins whining.

Cindy McCain moves over to the bed, slides down beside her husband and runs her spindly fingers over the back of his now-wrinkled dress shirt.

“I know,” she says, her eyes flashing a dangerous red. She takes a sniffley breath through her nose. “What did we talk about, John,” she says, her tone that of an elementary school principal.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he grunts.

The next time I tell you to look in the camera, you look at the camera!” She leaps off the bed as if she’s had an electric shock and glides into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Senator McCain slowly undresses and crawls into bed, muttering under his breath. Even the Egyptian cotton can’t keep his rival’s pearly white smile out of his dreams.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama grasps two white mugs filled with frothy lattes. She places them both on a mahogany coffee table and turns back for a plate of croissants. She returns to the cream-colored sofa and sits with her legs tucked under her.

She gazes at her husband as says, “Let me see it. Come on, just for a minute!”

Barack Obama flashes a smirk while Michelle bobs up and down in anticipation. After she settles down, Barack gazes directly into her eyes and smiles. The enamel of his teeth blurs her vision momentarily, but she cannot look away. Where his brown irises should be, sparkling spirals swirl. He begins to speak. She doesn’t hear a word.

Finally, the trance is broken. Michelle Obama gives an exasperated gasp. She and her husband begin cackling– a deep, throaty laugh that rivals the best Disney villains.

So what went on in Wednesday’s debate? Other than John McCain looking as if he would like nothing better than to give his opponent a good old fashioned beating? Well, let’s see.

Joe the Plumber, who was probably sitting at a small-town pub, enjoying a tall, frosty beer, became the focus for quite a while. Imagine how far he spat his Miller Lite when both candidates began bickering over what whose economic plan he prefers. He will now be known at his favorite pub as “Joe the Plumber.” Not “Joe the Go-Getter Business Owner,” or “Joe the All-American Business Man.” No, he is forever going to be “Joe the Plumber.” Thanks, Senators. I hope he votes for Ron Paul.

Now here is the real issue: should we use a hatchet or scalpel when it comes to the economy? Aw, shucks. Let’s just use a chainsaw at this point, could it really do any more damage? Knock on wood…

So, what exactly did John McCain accomplish on Wednesday night? Other than looking like a middle school gossip queen? Actually, I think that’s about it…

“Well, Jessica told me that Senator Obama is hanging out with TERRORISTS! And Melissa said that they make pipe bombs in their spare time in his basement. Well, America, I can assure you that I do not make any sort of homemade weapons in any one of my basements nor do I attend PTA meetings where terrorists may or may not be sending their future-terrorist children.”

“Senator McCain, could you please explain what exactly you would be willing to cut from the budget? An exact number please.”

“What I will tell you is that I have experience saving the American people money, and that Barack Obama is an un-American meanie.”

“I’m sorry, can you back that allegation up?”

“Well, I wanted a town hall debate before, and he said no. So now I have to let the citizens of this fine country know what kind of person wants to lead them. For more information, watch my ads.”

But props to Obama, whose most powerful response was his ADA-approved smile.