Construction Closes SMU Boulevard

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By Daily Mustang Staff

Construction relating to the George W. Bush Presidential Library is closing SMU Boulevard for six months, according to Gary Shultz , SMU’s director of web communications.

All traffic on SMU Boulevard from Dublin Street to the southbound access road of North Central Expressway will be closed from Jan 3. through the summer.

“Cars can use University Boulevard or they can go on Mockingbird Lane [as detours],” Shultz said.

Side walks on both sides of the street will also be closed but students will be able to use a sidewalk connection from the intersection of North Central Expressway and SMU Boulevard to Dyer Street, to and from the east side of campus.

“The map of the sidewalk will be sent out later this week or after Christmas,” said Shultz. “It will run from the closed intersection.”

Mustang Express will also be rerouted for the the closing. A temporary stop will be placed at University Boulevard and Airline Road.

Senate Passes Bill For Weekend Campus Transportation, Parking Tickets

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By Andy Garcia

College students often turn to campus libraries as a safe haven for when they need to study, but one student found that a library could be a prison.

Jieun Pyun, the International Senator for Southern Methodist University’s Student Senate, spent two nights stranded in Fondren Library.

After having spent the first night doing course work, Pyun was unable to make the walk back home due to bad weather conditions. Pyun was then left with no option but to spend a second night in the library while hoping the weather would clear up.

After this incident Pyun and five other student senators have together written a bill that will encourage the SMU administration to look into providing Mustang Express services to cover weekends.

When brought to the senate floor for a vote, the bill was passed 27-10. Two senators abstained from the vote.

First-Year Senator Ramon Trespalacios, who helped write the bill, feels that it is a big step in the right direction.

“I believe it is a stepping stone toward helping the student body,” Trespalacios said. “Now the administration will see that students want and need public transportation on the weekend, they will have to start thinking about how they can provide it to us.”

Two bills written by Senate Vice President Austin Prentice were also passed at Tuesday’s student senate meeting.

One of the bills will encourage Park N’ Pony to stop issuing parking tickets after 4:00 p.m. on Mondays in select locations. The goal of the bill is to help students without parking permits to park on campus while attending on-campus student organization meetings.

The areas that are being targeted for ticket exemption are Airline Garage, Moody Garage, the sorority parking lot, the spaces along SMU Boulevard, and the Lambda Chi and SAE lots.

Cox Sen. David Coia added Dyer Court to the list of protected areas through a “friendly amendment.”

Prentice’s second bill is a recommendation to change the game day parking attendants shirts from orange, to SMU’s Harvard red and Yale Blue, in order to garner more school spirit.

Both Sen. Rachel Fox and Senate Parliamentarian Joseph Esau opposed the bill citing concerns for the attendant’s safety. The question of the cost of changing the shirts was also brought up during discussion of the bill.

Prentice assured the senate that the new shirts would not compromise the attendant’s safety and would replace the orange ones during the next purchase cycle. The bill was then passed with overwhelming support.