The Daily Update: Tuesday, April 26

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Seven people are dead and at least 67,000 are without power after violent storms hit Arkansas this morning. Nissan is recalling nearly 196,000 sport utility vehicles in the U.S. And the NFL lockout has been lifted. Find out all this and more on your Daily Update.

SHIFT Magazine: Fast Times at the Fashion Industry Gallery

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By Nicolette Schleisman

Working at the Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG) in downtown Dallas is as fast paced as fashion can get. Upon walking down to the basement of the FIG building off of Ross Avenue in downtown, you automatically see how the fashion industry has gotten this reputation.

Walking into the showroom 108, you see rows and rows of clothes on freestanding racks. Up on the wall sit “jelly” shoes made by Melissa and names like Christian Louboutin. There are two desks on opposite sides, and music playing as the two women inside set up their showroom.

Nancy Martin, an employee of HATCh industries works in showroom 108. Her showroom holds Lacoste, James Perse, Bellarana, Factory by Erik Hart, Jet by John Eshaya, M: Zero, Melissa shoes, and Soludos. Her co-worker, Whitney Brown manages Lacoste while the rest of the lines fall upon Martin.

Martin is a skinny, younger woman with short brown hair and a love to talk. As she explains what she does, it is easy to see that she loves her job and has a passion for it.

Martin gets into work around 9:30 every morning, but she can come and go as she pleases.

“The only time I have to be at work after hours is before Market or FIG Finale,” Martin said.

At work, Martin puts together her showroom piece by piece according to the line sheets she receives from HATCh. She makes sure everything is in pristine condition: steamed, organized by gender and hung before any potential buyers step into the showroom.

These buyers come from small boutiques around Dallas to order what they want out of the new lines. Martin tries to convince the buyers that her lines are something they want and need to carry.

“It is kind of difficult at times because the buyers have what their customers want in mind, and sometimes that doesn’t match up with what we’re carrying at the time,” Martin said.

When a buyer comes into any showroom, they are treated to the best service people at the FIG can give them. The lines are shown off with style and in a manner that cannot be refused. The clothes are to look like the most delicious treat in a candy store; something no one can keep their hands off of.

Each showroom in the FIG carries different lines and they are all competing against each other, but an outsider would never realize this.

“We’re all really close down here, we kind of have to be so we can keep an eye out on each other! We compete for buyers, but when someone in a showroom is in need of a smile, laugh, help, or company, we all band together and help,” Martin explains.

But, after several hours of straightening and preparing, Matin sits down at her computer and starts her paperwork on what is going on in the showroom to send along to the executives at HATCh industries.

And after a long day of straightening, cleaning and writing, Martin happy to lock up the showroom and return home to her fiancée and his two boys.

The Daily Update: Wednesday, Oct. 27

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The Daily Update: Wednesday, Oct. 27 from on Vimeo.

Find out about how former president George W. Bush survived a death threat, the bullying headlines across America, and if Myspace is calling it quits.

NOLA Now: Stay Tuned for Zeitoun

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Video and editing by Josh Parr, Nicolette Schleisman and Kassi Schmitt

Zeitoun takes us on a tour of the events in the first year common reading book: Zeitoun.

NOLA Now: Stay Tuned for Zeitoun from on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: A Helping Hand

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Posted by Nicolette Schleisman

We ran into some volunteers from Red Cross who were handing out emergency kits to the residents in the area and decided to tag along with them for awhile. They explained how they were trying to advise residents of what to do if this situation were ever to occur again. We also got the opportunity to speak to a few of the residents and see how their lives had changed since the storm.

NOLA Now: Red Cross Volunteers from on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: 9th Ward from on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: New Orleans at Night

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Posted by Kassi Schmitt

For our last night here, we decided to find a restaurant in the heart of New Orleans. We all took a step out of our comfort zones and even tried alligator for the first time (which surprisingly does taste a lot like chicken)! As we walked back along Bourbon Street and some of the other side streets to our hotel, we really got the chance to look around and see the truly diverse and original group of people that make up the heart and soul of New Orleans. It seems that everyone has their own story and contributes to what makes NOLA such a strong and proud city in their own unique way. We even got the opportunity to speak to a tarot card reader, Elizabeth. After Hayley sat down with her to see what her future has in store (and her future does indeed have a positive outlook- Elizabeth predicted Hayley would be very successful and makes lots of money), she told us her heart wrenching story of how she survived on $20 and one tank of gas after Katrina hit.

NOLA Now: Taking it to the Streets from on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: Appetizing Alligator from on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: The Rain Continues

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Posted By Nicolette Schleisman and Kassi Schmitt

As day two begins in New Orleans, Nicolette Schleisman and Kassi Schmitt load up on rain gear to take to the rainy streets. The two are heading to the 9th Ward to speak to NOLA residents.

NOLA Now: The Rain Continues from on Vimeo.

Chatroulette, Cool or Just Creepy?

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By Nicolette Schleisman

Wednesday afternoon, boredom hits. You decide to get on the Internet and turn on your webcam. In a matter of minutes you meet several people from all over the world. You meet other college kids, people dressed up in crazy costumes just asking for attention, people without any clothes on at all, or you might even meet a celebrity! How? By logging onto the new Internet sensation, Chatroulette.

It’s been around since November 2009 and has been a huge success. Everyone seems to want to meet random people from around the world. Some could construe this as odd, but it makes the world seem a little bit smaller.

Chatroulette allows you to video chat with strangers. It’s almost like Russian Roulette; you never know just whom you’re going to get. It’s possible to chat with normal people or even celebrities like Perez Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton, the Jonas Brothers and other celebrities who have been reported to have used it. You could also wind up with the extreme opposite and get creepy old men masturbating on camera.

In the site’s first month there were 500 visitors a day. A month later, 50,000. Now, because of the popularity of the site, the site’s counter is set on the infinity symbol: ?.

Not everyone likes the site. There are so many pornographic and violent images that the web site now has a list of rules that everyone sees before they log on. The site states clearly that you must be older than 16, wear clothes and click the report button if you see anyone not following the rules. Some have reported seeing disturbing images, including men masturbating, pictures of allegedly dead people and video of people hanging themselves.

Moving through 230 different pages on on a recent day, a user finds that out of those 230 users, 30 percent are males and 16 percent are inappropriate, containing pornographic images or inappropriate requests by the user.

Developed by Russian native Andrey Ternovskiy, Chatroulette was designed originally for his friends and himself to use. Ternovskiy recently explained to “The New York Times” that he and his friends were bored of Skype-ing with each other and developed Chatroulette to add a new level to communicating. Ternovskiy did not respond to interview requests for this article on his Facebook page.

One of the attractions of Chatroulette is the fact that you could literally meet anyone in the world at any time as long as they are signed onto the site. You could meet your soul mate on Chatroulette.

SMU student, Chelsea Stephens, stumbled upon someone like that.

One late February night, Stephens signed onto Chatroulette for fun. After a few rounds of “next-ing,” she cam across a fairly handsome guy. He was alone and she was with her friends. Her friends stopped chatting with her and Stephens began talking to him. After a while, they exchanged names. His name was Taylor and he is a sophomore at Iowa State.

“We just started talking and had a lot in common.” Stephens said. “We laughed a lot and eventually traded Skype names.”

A lot of SMU Students have done this. They get onto Chatroulette in groups of friends and meet other groups of people and eventually end up sharing Skype names and becoming friends on Facebook.

Ashley Swift, an SMU junior, has made several new friends this way. She met several Virginia Military Institute students on Chatroulette and has continued to chat with them on a daily basis. Swift even sent them a care package.

“My roommate and I befriended them and we decided to send them a care package of food,” Swift said. “They go to a military school, so who wouldn’t appreciate some cookies in the mail?”

Other people use the site for self-promoting their music or other talents. Hamish Kay is an English artist that gets on Chatroulette to not only meet new people, but to get them interested in his band’s music.

“I usually get them to talk to me so I can see if they might be interested in listening to my music and I’d then give them our MySpace,” Kay said. “It’s been really great publicity so far.”

Michael Ryan Brown, an SMU junior, heard about Chatroulette from a friend. He used to get on out of boredom but no longer gets on because of the images he saw on the site.

“The feeling is hard to describe. Mainly shock, and then disgust,” said Brown. “I did get on cause of the few goods moments, those conversations that were really fun and entertaining.”

Winding Down The Year With Mane Event

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Mane Event featured booths for food, fortune tellers and caricature drawings to help students take a break before finals. (PHOTO BY NICOLETTE SCHLEISMAN / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Mane Event featured booths for food, fortune tellers and caricature drawings to help students take a break before finals. (PHOTO BY NICOLETTE SCHLEISMAN / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Nicolette Schleisman

It’s that time of year again. The semester is coming to a close, summer is just around the corner and the SMU Student Foundation put on their annual Mane Event on the Main Quad Friday afternoon.

It featured several things to do for students including: a zip line, waterslides, jousting, caricature artists, henna, fortune telling and Billy Buttons. There was also a couple of radio stations, including SMU radio, as well as food from Stromboli’s Pizza, Quesa d-ya’s, Ball’s Hamburgers, Paciugos and turkey legs. Peruna also made a festive visit to Mane Event.

It is meant to be a fun family friendly event to help students get their minds off finals for an afternoon.

SMU sophomore Katy Grossman came out to Mane Event to blow off some steam.

“It’s far enough away from finals that, it’s Friday, I want to relax, I don’t want to worry about finals,” Grossman said. “I’ll study this weekend.”

SMU freshman Thomas Griffin saw it as a celebration instead of thinking about how close finals are.

“I’m just here for fun,” Griffin said. “It’s basically my last day of class, I thought it’d be a good way to sorta celebrate.”

Student Senate for Student Foundation funds the event, which allows for all students to enjoy it with no cost.

SMU sophomore Staci Talamonti was in charge of putting on the event this year. She and a committee have been working on putting the event together since January.

“It’s basically to celebrate classes are over and give students something fun to do,” Talamonti said. “Kind of like a family friendly thing to do.”

The Student Foundation also invited the student organizations around campus to be involved for a minimum donation of $50.

Some of the organizations that were involved included the Markets and Culture Club, Delta Sigma Pi, Women’s Interest Network and the VSA Student Organization.

Clarke Mickum, a freshman member of Delta Sigma Pi, volunteered her time at the dunk tank they were sponsoring. Mickum wanted to get involved with Mane Event because she thought it would be fun.

“I have lots of friends in Student Foundation and I’m in DSP and whenever there’s an opportunity to get involved on campus, I usually take it cause it’s always fun,” Mickum said.

All Student Foundation members help out with Mane Event since it is such a large event.

Taylor Pass, SMU freshman and member of the Student Foundation, enjoyed helping to put it on this year.

“It’s just a really good way to end the year and just have everyone free food, free games, free rides and everything,” Pass said.

Pass also displayed a great interest to be on the committee next year to help put on Mane Event.

A modern dance class also decided to participate in the fun around campus, as they had their class on the quad. They brought a lot of attention and some people even crashed their class to take part in the conga drums and fun dancing.

Family Weekend and Homecoming are next on the list of events for the Student Foundation.

Students take turns going down the water slide at this year's Mane Event. (PHOTO BY NICOLETTE SCHLEISMAN / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Students take turns going down the water slide at this year's Mane Event. (PHOTO BY NICOLETTE SCHLEISMAN / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

The Daily Update: Wednesday, Feb. 17

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