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By Jefferson Johnson

NBA JAM launched its Invasion Tour last week and made a stop at Southern Methodist University.

SMU students were invited to demo the newly released NBA JAM in HD by the flagpole on Bishop Boulevard Thursday afternoon.

NBA JAM pulled out all the stops with its tricked-out tour trailer with 15 built-in gaming stations, more than enough space for SMU gamers and curious students alike.

“We’re reintroducing NBA JAM to a new generation,” said Remi Amole, NBA JAM field promoter. “We revamped the game- adding new features.”

“[NBA JAM] was fun,” said SMU student Trey Bonvino heading to class. “I’ll probably buy it for [X-Box] 360.”

Not only can students socialize while playing the demo, but they also have the chance to enter a raffle with intense prizes like an HD flat-screen TV, a Nintendo Wii with a copy of the game inside an arcade kiosk and plenty of freebies, just for playing the demo!

“I love video games,” said SMU student Ted Gambordella in hurry to grab his free t-shirt. “Everybody loves NBA JAM.”

The tour kicked-off hitting colleges, NBA venues and Best Buy stores. It concludes today at the American Airlines Center- where the Dallas Mavericks will be playing the Philadelphia 76ers.

Tech Blog: Don’t Worry About the 3DS

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Posted by Amanda Oldham

Nintendo dropped a bomb this week when they announced the release date of their new hand held console, the Nintendo 3DS. While the fanboys rejoiced and set their countdown clocks for March 2011, the rest can only snicker.

Now don’t get me wrong, the idea of a console with “real 3D graphics, no glasses required” sounds awesome. However, I doubt the reality will actually be what most people consider 3D. More than anything it feels as though Nintendo is cashing in on the current media craze that everything should be formatted for the 3D experience.

Granted, Nintendo has been ahead of the charge when it comes to innovation. This generation’s favorite nostalgia console, Nintendo 64, helped really break the ground into three dimensional rendered graphics. Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii, took the first step into motion-sensitive controls. A field where very few competitors have challenged. So I very well could be wrong in doubting the 3DS’s ability to blow my mind.

The content Nintendo has to show off the new system does look great. Everything from Mario, Star Fox, Zelda and Resident Evil will have an upcoming title for the 3DS, but is $300 of your hard earned cash worth the glorified upgrade from the DS Lite?