SMU Daily Mustang Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

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By SMU Daily Mustang Staff

Today is the two-year anniversary of our multi-platform student news site, the SMU Daily Mustang. Since Sept. 15, 2008 we have been proud to serve the SMU Community with our convergent news coverage.

Our readership has increased tremendously over the past two years. Clicks came from 149 countries over the past year, ranging from the United States to Tanzania. Our audience on Twitter increased 63% this year alone, and the SMU Daily Mustang Facebook page is our top referring site. Last year’s site redesign displays more news content than ever before, making the site more interactive and easier to navigate.

Some highlights from the past two years:

Last fall, the Mustang won national recognition from the Center for Innovation in College Media for the Best Breaking News Package of 2009, validating the hard work of five students who covered the inauguration of President Obama in Washington, D.C.

The Daily Mustang increasingly is cooperating with The Daily Campus, most notably during the recent NOLA Now project, during which five of Prof. Lucy Scott’s Broadcast II students traveled to New Orleans for the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Two Mustang staffers traveled to Hawaii over winter break to cover SMU’s historic return to a bowl game.

May marked the debut of SHIFT Magazine, a new eZine launched by Prof. Mark Vamos’ Magazine Writing students.

Professor Jayne Suhler’s Reporting II students produced a series of interesting, unusual and quirky stories as part of a course project called “You May Not Know This, But …” published seven audio slideshows produced by Digital Journalism students as part of the radio station’s special Economy Project.

The Mustang had a second productive year as a content partner with hyperlocal news site Pegasus News.

Students constantly experimented with new tools, such as live blogs and chats from news and sports events; live-streaming videos from games and press conferences; and live audio broadcasts for basketball games and football pre-game festivities on the Boulevard.

You can “like” us at our Facebook page and help us reach 2,000 followers on Twitter.

NOLA NOW: Part II of Interview With Zeitoun

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The NOLA Now team sat down with Abdulrahman Zeitoun and his wife Kathy for an interview at their home in New Orleans. Here’s part II of their interview.

NOLA Now: Zeitoun tells personal account from on Vimeo.

Special Showing of “When the Levees Broke”

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By Aida Ahmed

If you’re a freshman or if you’ve been keeping up with our NOLA Now blog you may be familiar with this year’s freshman reading, “Zeitoun”. This week’s fifth year anniversary of Hurrican Katrina culminates in the SMU premiere and discussion of Spike Lee’s documentary of “When the Levees Broke” Tuesday August 31, at 5 p.m. in the Hughes-Trigg Theater.

Director of the SMU Human Rights Program, Dr. Rick Halperin, will be opening the showing with a few words about Katrina and the human rights issues violated in the disaster.

Students are invited to stay for pizza, cookies and drinks and discuss the film.

NOLA Now: Stay Tuned for Zeitoun

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Video and editing by Josh Parr, Nicolette Schleisman and Kassi Schmitt

Zeitoun takes us on a tour of the events in the first year common reading book: Zeitoun.

NOLA Now: Stay Tuned for Zeitoun from on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: A Helping Hand

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Posted by Nicolette Schleisman

We ran into some volunteers from Red Cross who were handing out emergency kits to the residents in the area and decided to tag along with them for awhile. They explained how they were trying to advise residents of what to do if this situation were ever to occur again. We also got the opportunity to speak to a few of the residents and see how their lives had changed since the storm.

NOLA Now: Red Cross Volunteers from on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: 9th Ward from on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: Photos of Recovery

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Posted By Sarah Bray

Sarah Bray talks with Getty Image Photographer Mario Tama about his work in the Lower 9th Ward over the past five years since Hurricane Katrina.

NOLA Now: 9th Ward Photo Exhibit from on Vimeo.

While walking around the Lower 9th Ward I stopped at a hand-painted sign advertising a free photo exhibit in a gutted church destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I talked with Mario Tama, a Getty Image Photographer, about his work over the past 5 years since the storm.

NOLA Now: The Rain Continues

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Posted By Nicolette Schleisman and Kassi Schmitt

As day two begins in New Orleans, Nicolette Schleisman and Kassi Schmitt load up on rain gear to take to the rainy streets. The two are heading to the 9th Ward to speak to NOLA residents.

NOLA Now: The Rain Continues from on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: Journalism Students Arrive in Louisiana

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Posted By Elizabeth Lowe and Aida Ahmed

SMU journalism students have officially crossed the Louisiana state line and are expected to arrive in New Orleans later today. Students make a pit stop to unfold laptops, plug-in flip cams, and charge gear. Stay tuned to the Daily Mustang NOLA Now Blog for updates and footage throughout the weekend.

(SMU journalism students arrive at the Louisiana Border. They take a pit stop before they continue on to New orleans. (PHOTO BY SARAH BRAY / THE DAILY MUSTANG)

SMU Journalism students Joshua Parr and Hayley Nelson unload, grab breakfast and prepare for a weekend of live news coverage. (PHOTO BY SARAH BRAY / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)