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By Natalie Blankenship


Food Quality:
Price: $$$

Although we dropped in last minute and didn’t have reservations, Nosh stepped up their game and managed to deliver an excellent experience even though we were crammed in the back corner eating at a tiny table meant just for drinks.

It was a Saturday night and the place was overflowing with people—and noise. Located on 4216 Oak Lawn Ave, Nosh occupies a tiny space for such a large following. Because the tables were so close together and the room was so small, it was hard to hear. On top of this, there wasn’t much of an atmosphere…not to mention the prices on the menu were deterring me.

I ordered a glass of Malbec, a $9 glass of Malbec. I knew I was overpaying, but on top of this I was served what appeared to be one fourth of a glass. I wasn’t going to let that fly. I spoke to our waiter (who I assume was a manager) and asked him politely if I could have some wine added to my glass. He told me they measured each glass before pouring, but assured me he would gladly add some for me. And he did just that.


We ordered the espresso braised beef short rib, which was delicious. The flavor was rich and the meat just melted in your mouth. But, now that I come to think of it, it did not come with the promised sides of cheddar stone grits and blistered tomatoes. And I was looking forward to trying the grits! The portion was tiny (only two ribs for $17) but I guess the flavors made us forget that detail.

The Nosh stacked kobe burger wasn’t that special. It was good, a bit overcooked, and tasted like just any other burger. You would think a $14 burger would explode in your mouth or something, but no. It tasted like the burgers you can order on the beach. Nothing special.

In addition to our entrees, we couldn’t resist the temptation of a side of the parmesan fries. We had to wait about five extra minutes for them (which we didn’t even notice because we were too busy trying the rest of the food), and the waiter came rushing over apologizing for the wait on our fries and brought us another round of drinks on the house. It was surprising and very nice, and I definitely got my $9 worth of Malbec. Our fries appeared a minute later and were by far the best part of the meal. Delicious.

To end our experience at Nosh we ordered the warm chocolate soufflé cake with smore ice cream. Maybe this was the best part of the meal. The consistency was perfection and the chocolate was so rich and yummy.

I’d say if you’re going to Nosh, be sure to make a reservation and prepare to spend some money. Also, don’t order a burger when you go here.