TCU Vandalism Lines Ford Stadium

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By E’Lyn Taylor and Aida Ahmed,

TCU vandalism spray painted in the breeze way of SMU Ford Stadium facing the Morrison Bell Track. (PHOTO BY E'LYN TAYLOR / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

UPDATE 3:23 P.M. SMU spokesman Kent Best told the Daily Mustang that a total of 15 to 16 sections inside the stadium were vandalized, as well as an SMU golf cart. He confirmed that there are cameras outside the stadium but after SMU Police checked the footage, they found that the vandalism was not caught on tape. Police say there are still no leads but that they will be watching the area very carefully.

UPDATE 10:20 P.M. SMU Police logged the incident in their daily report log on Feb. 28 stating that a staff member reported spray paint on walls inside gate four. The incident occurred some time over the weekend.

Could some Texas Christian University fans be out for revenge this week?

Orange spray paint graffiti with messages of “TCU” and “TCU Frogs” covers a significant portion of the breezeway of Ford Stadium. The messages cover doors, an ice machine and the pavement inside the stadium. The initials “C.J. & T.M” are also spray painted on the walls of the breezeways. The vandalism starts at the visitor main entrance to the stadium and continues on to the Loyd All-Sports Center.

There is no information on when and how the culprits vandalized the stadium, but one student athlete said he saw the vandalism Tuesday.

Andrew Ward, the assistant director of Facilities and Operations for the SMU Mustangs, said they are looking into the incident.

“The vandalism is under investigation and we are getting people to come clean it up soon,” Ward said.

This is not the first football vandalism incident between the two schools. A large ‘M’ sat on the TCU home field several years back.

SMU spokesman Kent Best said that the last incident of TCU vandalism was in 2007, when someone spray painted ‘TCU’ around Ford Stadium.

SMU Police Chief Rick Shafer could not be reached for comment.

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