VIDEO: Students Gather at Mane Event

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Video and editing by Sydney Giesey

Students gathered on the main quad Friday to take a break before finals and enjoy the food and fun at this year’s fiesta themed Mane Event. From bounce houses and a mechanical bull to henna tattoos and caricatures, students had plenty of activities to choose from. Even Peruna made an appearance at the event.

Cafe 100 Kicks Off Second Century Celebration, Brings Starbucks to SMU

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Hundreds of SMU students, faculty and staff gathered at the former Java City location in Hughes-Trigg Student Center to mark the Grand Opening of the new Cafe 100. (PHOTO BY ELIZABETH ERICKSON / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

By Caitlin Clark

Yes, the rumors are true, Starbucks has officially arrived at Southern Methodist University’s campus.

Located in Hughes Trigg, Cafe 100 opened Thursday morning kicking off Southern Methodist University’s Second Century Celebration with free coffee mugs, beverage and food samples, and celebrity baristas including Dean José Bowen and Kyle Padron.

Cafe 100 is a response to the student’s demand for Starbucks according to Marketing Programs Manager Phil Demeo.

The name is a reference to SMU’s hundredth anniversary and is a part of the universities Second Century Campaign.

Nearly 1,000 Cafe 100 coffee mugs were ordered for the opening but they were passed out before noon. The energy in the room was high as Peruna handed out red velvet cupcakes and mini scones.

Students say they are pleased to have Starbucks Coffee so close by.

“I’m so excited! I don’t really like coffee other than Starbucks so now it’s way more convenient than trying to get coffee before class off campus,” Junior Jordan Kragen said.

Cafe 100 will attract even the non coffee loving students.

“I actually never went to Java City. I don’t really like coffee. I would come now because they have Starbucks and more options,” student Tia Gannon said.

The festivities and celebrity baristas will continue throughout the afternoon.

Video by Sydney Giesey

Cafe 100 Opening from on Vimeo.

Editing by Andy Garcia

Video by Fernando Valdes

Cafe 100 Grand Opening from on Vimeo.

Photos by Elizabeth Erickson and Fernando Valdes and

The Daily Update: Friday, Aug. 27

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The Daily Update: Friday, August 27 from on Vimeo.

Watch Friday’s Daily Update to hear about the SMU journalism students reporting on the five year anniversary  of Hurricane Katrina. Also, learn about the naming ceremony of the two new SMU mascots and find out about the signal light changes on Hillcrest and Daniel.

Winding Down The Year With Mane Event

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Mane Event featured booths for food, fortune tellers and caricature drawings to help students take a break before finals. (PHOTO BY NICOLETTE SCHLEISMAN / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Mane Event featured booths for food, fortune tellers and caricature drawings to help students take a break before finals. (PHOTO BY NICOLETTE SCHLEISMAN / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Nicolette Schleisman

It’s that time of year again. The semester is coming to a close, summer is just around the corner and the SMU Student Foundation put on their annual Mane Event on the Main Quad Friday afternoon.

It featured several things to do for students including: a zip line, waterslides, jousting, caricature artists, henna, fortune telling and Billy Buttons. There was also a couple of radio stations, including SMU radio, as well as food from Stromboli’s Pizza, Quesa d-ya’s, Ball’s Hamburgers, Paciugos and turkey legs. Peruna also made a festive visit to Mane Event.

It is meant to be a fun family friendly event to help students get their minds off finals for an afternoon.

SMU sophomore Katy Grossman came out to Mane Event to blow off some steam.

“It’s far enough away from finals that, it’s Friday, I want to relax, I don’t want to worry about finals,” Grossman said. “I’ll study this weekend.”

SMU freshman Thomas Griffin saw it as a celebration instead of thinking about how close finals are.

“I’m just here for fun,” Griffin said. “It’s basically my last day of class, I thought it’d be a good way to sorta celebrate.”

Student Senate for Student Foundation funds the event, which allows for all students to enjoy it with no cost.

SMU sophomore Staci Talamonti was in charge of putting on the event this year. She and a committee have been working on putting the event together since January.

“It’s basically to celebrate classes are over and give students something fun to do,” Talamonti said. “Kind of like a family friendly thing to do.”

The Student Foundation also invited the student organizations around campus to be involved for a minimum donation of $50.

Some of the organizations that were involved included the Markets and Culture Club, Delta Sigma Pi, Women’s Interest Network and the VSA Student Organization.

Clarke Mickum, a freshman member of Delta Sigma Pi, volunteered her time at the dunk tank they were sponsoring. Mickum wanted to get involved with Mane Event because she thought it would be fun.

“I have lots of friends in Student Foundation and I’m in DSP and whenever there’s an opportunity to get involved on campus, I usually take it cause it’s always fun,” Mickum said.

All Student Foundation members help out with Mane Event since it is such a large event.

Taylor Pass, SMU freshman and member of the Student Foundation, enjoyed helping to put it on this year.

“It’s just a really good way to end the year and just have everyone free food, free games, free rides and everything,” Pass said.

Pass also displayed a great interest to be on the committee next year to help put on Mane Event.

A modern dance class also decided to participate in the fun around campus, as they had their class on the quad. They brought a lot of attention and some people even crashed their class to take part in the conga drums and fun dancing.

Family Weekend and Homecoming are next on the list of events for the Student Foundation.

Students take turns going down the water slide at this year's Mane Event. (PHOTO BY NICOLETTE SCHLEISMAN / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Students take turns going down the water slide at this year's Mane Event. (PHOTO BY NICOLETTE SCHLEISMAN / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Campus News Blog: Peruna Has A New Friend

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Posted by Sam Todd

Tonight at the Southern Methodist vs. Navy football game, the dreams of many SMU students will finally become a reality: we will have an actual mustang as our school’s mascot.

But this new mustang, donated by Madeleine Pickens, and her husband, T. Boone Pickens, will not stand on the field alone- don’t forget about Peruna!

Since my first football game as a first year student at SMU, I’ve heard everyone ask about little Peruna, and why such a small animal was chosen to represent our university. While he may not be as tall as many students would like, he’s been around for way longer than any of us, or most of our parents for that matter.

Peruna I was introduced in 1934, and today Peruna VIII is running across the field after every SMU touchdown. The Shetland pony has had an interesting history, including when he killed the Fordham University mascot with a blow to the head and kicked UT’s famous, and enormous, longhorn, Bevo, to the ground.

Now that we have an additional, and much larger, mascot, we must not forget about the pony that has been on the field for every home game for so many years, and the symbol Peruna has become for our school.
Hopefully, our new mustang will become just as beloved by the student body as Peruna, and that he’ll also have an interesting time on the field of Ford Stadium.

Real Mustangs To Be Unveiled Saturday

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By Robby Gillespie

The SMU Athletic Department will introduce two new mustangs Saturday prior to the SMU vs. Navy game at Gerald Ford Stadium.

Madeleine and T. Boone Pickens will present the two mustangs to SMU President Gerald Turner and Head Coach June Jones. The event, titled “Salute to the Mustangs,” will honor the men and women of the armed forces as well.

Madeleine Pickens has proposed to establish a permanent home to care for wild horses in captivity – to be carried out by her National Wild Horse Foundation, a private non-profit foundation.

The new symbol has sparked debate over what will happen to the current Peruna mascot, something SMU Athletic Director Steve Orsini says is still unknown.

For a the full story, click here.

Video Preview: SMU vs. TCU Rivalry

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