Campus Life Blog: Best of Webcomics

January 25, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Posted by Elena Harding

I know the semester has just started but it’s never too early to start procrastinating. Over the break I discovered webcomics. Here, for your consumption, are the best ones.

Questionable Content:
This webcomic was created by Jeph Jacques and is updated five times a week, Monday through Friday. It is about a group of twenty-somethings with many references to Indie Rock and robots.

Written by Randall Munroe, who has a graduate degree in physics and used to work for NASA. The jokes are mostly math, science or computer related, but anyone who paid attention in these classes in high school can understand most of it. Sarcasm plays a large role.

One of the comics featured on (PHOTO COURTESY XKCD.COM)

Octopus Pie:
This webcomic by Meredith Gran, is about two women living in Brooklyn, New York.

Piled Higher & Deeper (PhD):
A webcomic about the lives of graduate students by Jorge Cham, who has a doctorate in mechanical engineering.

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