Global News Blog: In Mexico, Covering the News is Dangerous Business

May 9, 2009 by · Comments Off 

Posted by Madison Wertz

One of the reasons I feel safe in this country is that I know our media is at least making an effort to keep the public aware of what is going on; unfortunately this is not the case with the current situation that is going on in Mexico right now.

CNN is reporting that they sent a team of reporters into Camargo, Mexico, which is in the heart of the drug war. Reporters are claiming that any kind of news investigation is extremely dangerous and getting inside information about the drug war is incredibly challenging.

The CNN article could only find first person interviews from those somewhere in the grey area; the information they gathered illustrates that tensions have heightened in Mexico. The articles key interviewer revealed that in the most intense areas of the drug war the Zeta, the local name for the drug lords, are the ones running the show.

The key informant states he himself had been recruited by the Zeta two years ago and that the Zeta gave him three options: to pay them $100,000, to work for them or to die. He worked for the Zeta for two years until his so called “debt” was repaid. According to the informant, if you are going to do any kind of work in the red hot zones of the drug war it is going to be for the Zeta, unless you would like to be killed.

Looks like the media, particularly Mexican media, has their hands full. The price of delivering the truth to the public or death is a high one and from what it sounds like, I would imagine that the Zeta most likely have people in the Mexican media as well. I am not sure what the immediate response should be from the Mexican government but I would think that some kind of protection should be set in place for their top news stations. Then again who do you know you can trust and how can you recruit them?

The hard thing about all of this that Mexico officials are already having enough trouble recruiting people into taking government positions, those offered the opportunity fearing they are going to be killed. I guess this is just another hard blow for Mexico.

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