Fall Into The Fur Trend

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By Krystal Schlegel

This season fake and real fur has been making a huge come back at fashion week, in stores, on celebrities and on students.

The trend was seen on the runways of Chanel, Tory Burch, Alice + Olivia, and Juicy Couture- at all different price points. Chanel, always a trendsetter, sent models down the runway in head to toe faux fur ensembles at the Fashion Week.

“Fur is such a large trend this season, because we are seeing a huge ‘70s retro comeback,” said Patty Talley, a top sales associate at Neiman Marcus NorthPark, who styles many SMU clients. She said the ‘70s inspired look can be observed in every fashion magazine and is being worn by many celebrities now.

According to Talley, shoppers are spending from $100-$300 on faux fur vests and jackets and $1,200 and up for the real deal. If shoppers are looking for real fur that is less expensive, rabbit fur is the lowest price.

Valerie Elizabeth of SocietyStylist.com tells her clients to buy vintage furs second hand at a cheaper cost.

“You can pick fur up in so many ways,” Talley said. “Not particularly the full coat, but accent pieces at any budget are available.”

Stylish students can transition their wardrobes from summer to fall by adding an accessory. Young customers are incorporating fur any way they can into their wardrobe with vests, shoes, and bags, said Talley. Students are pairing their fur vests for daytime with simple and understated outfits such as jeans and a T-shirt. However, they can also take the trend from day-to-night by styling fur accessories with an evening dress.

As far as color goes, “beige and blush are huge trends for this fall,” Talley said.

Neutral colors are highlighted in top designers such as, Chanel, Chloe, and Theory’s fall 2010 looks in stores now.

The September issue of Vogue also showed the trend in a spread with a wide variety of accessories and clothing with fur embellishments.

The fur trend is somewhat controversial.

“As a vegetarian, I only wear fake fur because I don’t like the idea of killing animals for skin,” said Lauren Taylor, a fashionable student and member of the SMU Retail Club.

Taylor shops at Cusp and plans to wear fur this fall to school and out with friends. Her fashion icon is Rachel Zoe, a celebrity stylist who can almost always be spotted in a fur vest or jacket, even came out with her own line of faux fur for qvc.com. Zoe is well known for her vintage seventies inspired looks.

Sarah Bray is the Style Editor of the Daily Campus and co-founder of SMUstyle.com. The SMU senior said she looked everywhere for a fur vest last year, but was disappointed there were not any options in mainstream retail shops.

“Now faux fur is everywhere,” Bray said. “After Chanel showed fur on the fall runway, everyone got in on the trend.”

Bray is faux fur all the way. “I can’t handle the thought of a dead animal on my body-it really grosses me out. Even if I had the budget, I still would never purchase real

Bray has a passion for style.

“Fashion is art and personal expression, an outfit in an unexpected unique way is like looking at an artist’s work,” Bray said. “Having the ability to be different and who you are is the best part of being a human, so why not express your personality and stand out through what you wear.”

Stylish Students Host Preview at NorthPark

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By Andy Garcia

Southern Methodist University students and insiders of the Dallas fashion scene teamed up to host a preview of the Fall 2010 BCBG Max Azria collection in NorthPark Center Wednesday night.

Students, Sarah Bray, Krystal Schlegel and Lauren Taylor publicized the event on SMU’s campus, working with the Retail Club to draw in students for the preview while Dallas PaperCity Magazine co-editor Brooke Hortenstine and Dallas socialite Capera Ryan brought the city’s fashionistas out.

Caroline Young and Catherine Van Dyke peruse the BCBG Fall 2010 racks at Northpark Center. (PHOTO BY ERIN GOLDSMITH / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Valerie Stewart, the Dallas district sales manager for BCBG Max Azria, said the preview is part of a brand ambassador program taking place in major cities like New York and Los Angeles. Hortenstine and Ryan became involved after being dressed by BCBG Max Azria for the Dallas Wish! Art Auction in May.

Hoping to draw in the SMU crowd the clothier asked Bray, Schelegel and Taylor to co-host because of their experience with fashion.

“BCBG wanted students in the store to see the fall collection,” Bray said. “A lot of the stuff you see around the store, like the really cozy sweaters, would be great for wearing to class.”

SMU students Lauren Taylor, Sarah Bray, and Krystal Schlegel co-hosted the fashion preview event. (PHOTO BY ERIN GOLDSMITH / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Despite the rainstorm that stuck during the evening, dozens of people filled the BCBG Max Azria store, getting a first glimpse of the fall line while drinking champagne and sampling hors d’oevres.

Among the crowd were many freshman students eager to get acquainted with Dallas fashion. Courtney Blake, freshman, learned about the preview from an email blast Retail Club sent out Wednesday afternoon. She and a friend were excited to meet other students who share their interest in fashion.

“I wanted to come out and meet more people,” Blake said. “I already met a couple of girls that actually live in my dorm, so we are pretty excited about that.”

Jana Mathena, a former SMU student and the owner of Gameday Cloth, a retailer specializing in college sports apparel, was pleased to see the number of students who attended the preview.

“I went to SMU and there wasn’t a retail club then,” Mathena said. “So I think it is really cool for girls to get to see something different, do something different, get a fashion appetite, which here in Dallas, and throughout SMU is everywhere.”

Pieces from BCBG Fall 2010 on display. (PHOTO BY ERIN GOLDSMITH / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

While the preview was intended to peek interest in the new fall line, some attendees found it was the chance for a night of great shopping among friends. Lindsey Strafuss, sophomore, was among the few who not only tried on a number of items but also made a stop at the cashier to take home a black dress.

Emily Bates, president of the SMU Retail Club, was pleased with the preview’s turnout. She hopes this is a sign of good things to come as her organization gears up for a year of events at Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York and Madewell.

Dallas socialite Capera Ryan and PaperCity Magazine co-editor Brooke Hortenstine were in attendance. (PHOTO BY JEFFERSON JOHNSON / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

BCBG Ambassador Capera Ryan and Editor-in-chief of PaperCity Magazine, Brooke Hortenstine, were in attendance. (PHOTO BY JEFFERSON JOHNSON / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

NOLA Now: Stay Tuned for Zeitoun

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Video and editing by Josh Parr, Nicolette Schleisman and Kassi Schmitt

Zeitoun takes us on a tour of the events in the first year common reading book: Zeitoun.

NOLA Now: Stay Tuned for Zeitoun from SMUDailyMustang.com on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: A Helping Hand

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Posted by Nicolette Schleisman

We ran into some volunteers from Red Cross who were handing out emergency kits to the residents in the area and decided to tag along with them for awhile. They explained how they were trying to advise residents of what to do if this situation were ever to occur again. We also got the opportunity to speak to a few of the residents and see how their lives had changed since the storm.

NOLA Now: Red Cross Volunteers from SMUDailyMustang.com on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: 9th Ward from SMUDailyMustang.com on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: New Orleans at Night

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Posted by Kassi Schmitt

For our last night here, we decided to find a restaurant in the heart of New Orleans. We all took a step out of our comfort zones and even tried alligator for the first time (which surprisingly does taste a lot like chicken)! As we walked back along Bourbon Street and some of the other side streets to our hotel, we really got the chance to look around and see the truly diverse and original group of people that make up the heart and soul of New Orleans. It seems that everyone has their own story and contributes to what makes NOLA such a strong and proud city in their own unique way. We even got the opportunity to speak to a tarot card reader, Elizabeth. After Hayley sat down with her to see what her future has in store (and her future does indeed have a positive outlook- Elizabeth predicted Hayley would be very successful and makes lots of money), she told us her heart wrenching story of how she survived on $20 and one tank of gas after Katrina hit.

NOLA Now: Taking it to the Streets from SMUDailyMustang.com on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: Appetizing Alligator from SMUDailyMustang.com on Vimeo.

NOLA Now: Photos of Recovery

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Posted By Sarah Bray

Sarah Bray talks with Getty Image Photographer Mario Tama about his work in the Lower 9th Ward over the past five years since Hurricane Katrina.

NOLA Now: 9th Ward Photo Exhibit from SMUDailyMustang.com on Vimeo.

While walking around the Lower 9th Ward I stopped at a hand-painted sign advertising a free photo exhibit in a gutted church destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I talked with Mario Tama, a Getty Image Photographer, about his work over the past 5 years since the storm.

NOLA Now: Journalism Students Arrive in Louisiana

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Posted By Elizabeth Lowe and Aida Ahmed

SMU journalism students have officially crossed the Louisiana state line and are expected to arrive in New Orleans later today. Students make a pit stop to unfold laptops, plug-in flip cams, and charge gear. Stay tuned to the Daily Mustang NOLA Now Blog for updates and footage throughout the weekend.

(SMU journalism students arrive at the Louisiana Border. They take a pit stop before they continue on to New orleans. (PHOTO BY SARAH BRAY / THE DAILY MUSTANG)

SMU Journalism students Joshua Parr and Hayley Nelson unload, grab breakfast and prepare for a weekend of live news coverage. (PHOTO BY SARAH BRAY / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

The Daily Update: Friday, October 2

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