Campus News Blog: Difficulty Increasing Diversity for Sing Song

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Posted By: Mai Lyn Ngo

Sing Song is one of SMU’s most popular campus wide events and includes impressive skits and musicals put on by SMU students. But one issue has been brought up, the lack of diversity in this program. There just isn’t enough participation from the minority community.

Yet, despite efforts to form a group – there is little to no response from the major minority groups on campus.

Udoka Omenukor attempted to bring together a group to participate last year but said Program Council denied them because there were not enough members in their group. This year she says she has been “furiously” trying to contact all groups. So far, she has had no response from CHAS, ABS, or AC and those who have responded say they are too busy, but wouldn’t mind if she made announcements about Sing Song at their meetings.

Omenukor has branched out and is trying to talk to groups such as Catholic Campus Ministry and DCA and is trying to tap into resources with ReLish. Even with little response, Udoka still advertises interest meetings for those who might be.

Her goal is to recruit a larger group so they can participate in what she calls “one of SMU’s biggest traditions”.

Asian Council President Ben Nguyen said he supports her efforts but the main problem with involvement is more of a time commitment issue because each organization under Asian Council are very busy working on their annual events. Nguyen said Sing Song is just as time demanding as these organization’s programming.

ABS, CHAS, and Asian Council will allow recruitment or advertising for Sing Song during their interest meetings to encourage students to get involved even if their own exec members cannot.

For any free agents who would like more information about Sing Song the information is below:


Participate in the biggest, fun, and most creative SMU tradition of the spring semester! We’re helping to make sure SMU students are represented and involved in a tradition meant for all of us. Sing or dance in the background, be a lead star, or work behind the scenes. There’s a place for YOU on Sing Song A-team!

INFORMATION SESSIONS (come to any of them):
Nov. 10 @ 7pm – Atrium AB
Nov. 11 @ 8pm – Portico E
Nov. 12 @ NOON – Atrium CD
* All rooms are in Hughes Trigg Student Center

If you missed your chance to go to a meeting, e-mail

Campus News Blog: Sing Song Lacks Diversity

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Posted By Kathryn Sharkey

One of the main events in the spring at Southern Methodist University is Sing Song, a concert that organizations throughout campus put together and perform musical numbers in.

One thing I’ve noticed about Sing Song- the lack of campus diversity in which organizations are involved.

It’s gotten better in recent years, though. Besides the usual array of fraternities and sororities, the Christian fraternity BYX has joined the cast. In the past the men’s swim team even teamed up with a sorority (Delta Gamma) for a performance.

However, there is still no inclusion of the multicultural sororities and fraternities or any other organizations on campus.

This could be because those groups simply aren’t interested in participating or don’t have the resources to participate. It takes a significant number of members willing to devote a significant amount of their time to choreograph and practice the dancing, plan out and practice the singing, make the back drops, find costumes, and complete the many other tasks it takes to put on a good show.

Sing Song is a tradition at SMU that more organizations should be able to be involved in, if they’re interested.

So, either Program Council should help find a way to help other groups get more involved or they need to realize the potential Sing Song has at increasing their visibility on campus.

If the problem is that they don’t have enough members or resources, Sing Song can help attract more members. If the problem is that they aren’t interested in participating in Sing Song, then something needs to be done to make Sing Song more representative of SMU as a whole, rather than just SMU’s Greek organizations.

A Supercalifragilistic Disney Night

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The Daily Update: Friday, March 19

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Spring Arts Celebration Kicks Off Friday

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SMU’s first annual Spring Arts Weekend starts March 19 with events for students and parents.

Sing Song, a French film festival and exhibits at the Meadows Museum are just some of the many activities you can participate in Friday through Sunday.

Plus, parents can work out for free all weekend with their student at the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports.

Click here for the full schedule of events.