Daily Update: Thursday, Feb. 10

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How can Egyptian workers staying home affect you? Find out why Ford has sued Ferrari and what the weather will be like this weekend. All this and more on your Daily Update.

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The Daily Update: Wednesday, Jan. 26

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President Obama delivers his State of the Union, T.D. Jakes speaks at SMU’s Tate Lecture and find out what Dale Hansen had to say at SMU’s Faculty Club Luncheon. All this and more on your Daily Update. Anchored by SMU-TV’s Bridget Bennett and Ashley Stainton.

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The Daily Update: Thursday, Dec. 2

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Holiday sales are on the rise, and the U. S. attempts to become the host of a future FIFA world cup. And the coffin of a Dallas figure will be up on the auction block. Find out more on your Daily Update.

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The Daily Update: Friday, Nov. 19

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An american hero suffers a tragic death. How will the ethics committee’s vote affect the future of New York democrat Charles Rangel? And we will show you how increase security at DFW Airport may affect your holiday travel plans on today’s Daily Update.

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VIDEO: It’s Flu Season on Campus

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By Alexandra O’Neal

As flu season approaches, students should know how to protect themselves from the flu. Without your mother to help take care of you, SMU’s Memorial Health Center may be just what you need.

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VIDEO: Finding A Job In This Economy

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By Aileen garcia

In September the unemployment rate rose over nine percent, leaving 14.8 million people without a job in the U.S. This has left many still struggling to find work. Aileen Garcia reports on how job seekers have to get creative in these tough economic times.

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According to the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics, in September the unemployment rate rose 9.6 percent leaving 14.8 million people around the country without a job. In October the unemployment rate remained unchanged leaving many struggling to find work.

“What we are seeing in this really tough economy is that a lot of jobs don’t even get posted” said Marcia Armstrong, Southern Methodist University’s associate dean of graduate progams. “They don’t even get advertised because its just people that they know they fill them.”

Goodwin Eshelman an MBA graduate from the Cox School of Business views himself as a product and has found a method to market himself in a way that surprises people.

“That’s a leadership type skill right there,” said Chris Lean, an empyoee of Leap Wealth Management. “He is showing me that hey I am willing to do something different than everybody else out there to get my name or my face out front.”

It’s important to write down all of your ideas the problem is weeding out the bad ones and only keeping the good one.

“The problem is again the things anybody could do right, you just got to put things together in ways that you generally don’t,”
said William Goodman, an SMU MBA graduate.

Today graduates cannot get a job with just a degree they need to network as well.

“Worst thing you can do is just apply to companies online,” said Armstrong. Right now it gets you no where unless you know someone.”

“It’s kind of like a cold call you know when you just go in an interview with a company and you don’t have any type of relationship there you know its harder to get in those doors, said Leap.

In the competitive job market companies are looking for something more than just another expense on their pay roll.

“I want somebody that is willing to take some risks and has shown that they can stand on their own,” said Leap.

Despite Eshelman’s clever marketing ideas he has not yet received a job offer.

“I’ve gotten a lot of well wishers, which has been nice, but at the same time it’s also like well would you please pass my resume around,” said Goodman.

During this slow economic recovery new graduates need to have patience with the work field.

“Start early, cuz it could be a long road,” said Goodman.

“You don’t have to completely give up your dreams, but you have to be realistic in this economy,” said Armstrong.

When the holiday season comes many hope seasonal jobs will help relive the unemployment rate.

VIDEO: New Child Safety Seat Law in Dallas

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Samantha Cangelosi reports on the new child safety seat law that requires children eight-years-old and younger to sit in a child booster seat. Drivers who violate this law can receive a fine that starts at $200.

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Car safety has become an increasingly important topic of today. Many accidents that can change the lives of yourself and your loved ones most often are avoidable- some more so than others.

In September of 2009, Texas passed a new child safety seat law that requires children eight years old and younger, or fewer than 4’9 feet tall, to sit in a car or booster seat.

“The reason for the change is because they noticed that several children that were unrestrained between the ages of 5 and 8 they were to small still to fit in a regular adult seatbelt,” said Dallas Police Department’s Senior Corporal Debra Lang.

“My daughter is 7 years old and we’ve already put her in a booster and we still have issues with the booster not cutting across her chest in the right way,“ said Sheridan Pettit, mother of two young children.

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among children in the United States, but this is something that can easily be prevented.

“We were just seeing a lot of deaths and injuries as a result of the child under 8 years old that was not restrained correctly with the seatbelt,” Lang said.

This information is a surprise for some mothers to hear.

“It’s definitely scary taking your child out knowing that other people drive crazy,” said Becky San Juan, a mother of a six-month-old child.

“I think it’s awful. I do. There are so many things that we can control and that could be one of them,” Pettit said.

Putting your child in the car seat correctly isn’t hard to do. Just remember to pull the strap from the bottom to make sure that the belt is tight across the child’s chest, said Lang.

Free seminars are offered to parents to teach them about proper seat set up, so that their child won’t be a statistic. Free car seats are, also, given to those parents who attend the seminars.

Drivers can receive a fine starting at $200 if their child isn’t correctly in their seat.

For more information about help seminars contact Senior Corporal Debra Lang at the Dallas Police Department Traffic and Transportation Office.

The Daily Update: Tuesday, Nov. 9

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Check out today’s Daily Update to find out which one of our former president is making an appearance at a local bookstore. Want more details about the firing of the Cowboys’ head coach? And how did a college professor successfully diet on junk food? Keep watching your Daily Update!

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VIDEO: George W. Bush Presidential Library

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SMU-TV’s Stephanie Brown gives the details on the ground-break of the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

Daily Update: Thursday, Nov. 4

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On today’s Daily Update you’ll find out why Rangers fans still have a reason to celebrate and the direction that political campaigns are moving. Also, Kellius Cunningham will gives a preview of what this week’s football game against UTEP is going to look like and how SMU’s athletic policy is changing. All this and more on your Daily Update.

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