SPORTS BLOG: SMU Football Prepares For Rice Rivalry

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By Kellis Cunningham

On Sept. 29 at 6 p.m., at the 1st and 10 restaurant, coaches from the SMU Mustangs Football staff will talk about the the status of the team so far into the season, leading into this weekends rivalry game with Rice.

Last weekend the SMU Mustangs lost to the TCU Horned Frogs at home 41-24. The running game remained strong with sophmore running back Zach Line having a career best picking up 139 yards and one 29-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter.

From the outside looking in, it seems like youth is playing a role in some of the miscues taking place on all faces of the game. This past weekend against TCU, special teams and offense issues with miscommunication. From blown routes mixed with not sure passes, it appeared that this was a team that had the talent to win.

Where the team is lacking, I do not know. But what I can tell you is that tomorrow at the discussion, which might involve Head Coach June Jones and Wide Receivers Coach Jeff Reinbold, we should have a better idea of the progression taking place through film and practices.

SMU Puts Up a Fight: TCU 41, SMU 24

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TCU running back Ed Wesley is upended by SMU defender Taylor Reed during the first half of TCU's 41-24 victory over the Mustangs at Ford Stadium. (PHOTO BY STUART PALLEY / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Click here for a photo slideshow from the game.

By Chris Sacks

The headline for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram read “Frogs Survive Scare.” This is not too bad for a team that was 1-11 two seasons ago.

SMU is starting to take the step up to the big leagues.

June Jones said it was “exciting to see energy on campus and in the city about the game.”

SMU took the lead in the third quarter 17-14, but the Mustangs let it slip.
“TCU wore down our defense at the end,” Jones said in the post-game press conference. The Mustang defense looked very slow and worn down toward the middle of the third quarter and TCU took advantage of it.

TCU scored four touchdowns in the second half as Dalton and the TCU offense tried to salvage their argument for a BCS Bowl.

Before the defense shut down, the Mustangs were playing very well. They held the TCU offense to 183 total yards in the first half.

Ryan Smith and Sterling Moore each picked off two interceptions against Dalton who has not thrown an interception since TCU’s season opener.

Even though the defense didn’t play well in the second half, SMU is the best pass defense Andy Dalton has seen all season. The Mustangs held Dalton to a season low of 174 yards and 53.8% completion.

Kyle Padron threw 14-35 for 169 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception with a passer rating of 93.7.

“Kyle will be disappointed when he looks at film, but he played pretty well going up against the best defense in the country,” Jones said.

Padron cannot be faulted for his interception in the fourth quarter while trying to make a big, last chance, desperation play.

Zach Line set another career high rushing for 139 yards and a touchdown.

“Zach is successful in the run and shoot. He’s got quickness inside for his size and is big enough to block,” said Jones.

Darius Johnson led the receivers with five receptions for 72 yards.

“Darius is a gamer, he made plays in high school. We need to get him the ball more,” said Jones in the post-game press conference.

Aldrick Robinson also had five receptions for 61 yards, and Cole Beasley had two receptions for 20 yards.

SMU plays conference opponent Rice in Houston on Saturday with a 6 p.m. kickoff time. Although it is great to play big rivalry games on national television, the Mustangs need to shake off this loss and focus on the team goal of a conference championship and a bowl game.

SMU vs.TCU BLOG RECAP: Battle for the Iron Skillet

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By Kimmy Ryan

TCU outplayed SMU in the 3rd quarter and gained control of the game. The Iron Skillet goes to TCU with a final score of 41-24.

TCU’s quarterback Andy Dalton played a solid game and showed why he is in the running for the Heisman. TCU’s Waymon James and Jeremy Kerley were also standouts against SMU.

Kyle Padron and the Mustangs started the game with a bang, leading 7-0. Darius Johnson and Aldrick Robinson logged the most receiving yards for the Ponies. And, Zach Line led in rushing yards and scored a last-hope touchdown in the 4th quarter.

Some argued SMU used the same formation too many times, others said Padron got frazzled and gave away his receiving target too easily, while others stated SMU simply had missed opportunities and were worn down. TCU played an outstanding game the second half and deservedly won.

SMU vs. TCU Preview

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By Chris Sacks

SMU squares off with its rival, TCU, on Friday Sept. 24. (PHOTO BY STUART PALLEY / SMU DAILY MUSTANG; GRAPHIC COURTESY OF SMU)

Friday will be the 19th time SMU and TCU battle for the Iron Skillet in an ESPN-televised match. SMU is looking to bust #4 TCU’s BCS bowl run, while TCU is looking to keep the Iron Skillet.

The last time SMU beat TCU was in 2005 when TCU was ranked 22nd in the nation. The win was also the Mustangs first win against a ranked team since the death penalty.

Friday’s game marks the 75th anniversary of the “Game of the Century,” when SMU beat TCU 20-14 to win the National Championship in 1935.

TCU’s senior quarterback, Andy Dalton, is the key to the Horned Frog offense. This season, Dalton has thrown 75% for 624 yards and 4 touchdowns with 2 interceptions. Dalton is ranked the 15th best quarterback in the NCAA with a passer rating of 161.4.

TCU’s defense is the fourth best in the country allowing only 222 yards per game.

The Mustang’s are going to have to be flawless in order to pull off the win. Typically, SMU has always given TCU a good game and vice-versa.

The keys to the game on the Mustang side of the ball are quarterback Kyle Padron and running back Zach Line. The Mustangs are going to have to mix up the play calling with both run and pass in order to keep the TCU defense on their toes. SMU also needs to limit turnovers.

The defense needs to continue its success by stopping the run with the front seven. The defensive backs need to have their best game of the season to pull off the win.

SMU defensive back Sterling Moore did not participate in practice this week, but is expected to play Friday.

SMU fans are encouraged to wear red to support the Mustangs. There will also be a jet flyover before the 7 p.m. kickoff. The game will be at Ford Stadium at 7 p.m.