Fall Into The Fur Trend

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By Krystal Schlegel

This season fake and real fur has been making a huge come back at fashion week, in stores, on celebrities and on students.

The trend was seen on the runways of Chanel, Tory Burch, Alice + Olivia, and Juicy Couture- at all different price points. Chanel, always a trendsetter, sent models down the runway in head to toe faux fur ensembles at the Fashion Week.

“Fur is such a large trend this season, because we are seeing a huge ‘70s retro comeback,” said Patty Talley, a top sales associate at Neiman Marcus NorthPark, who styles many SMU clients. She said the ‘70s inspired look can be observed in every fashion magazine and is being worn by many celebrities now.

According to Talley, shoppers are spending from $100-$300 on faux fur vests and jackets and $1,200 and up for the real deal. If shoppers are looking for real fur that is less expensive, rabbit fur is the lowest price.

Valerie Elizabeth of SocietyStylist.com tells her clients to buy vintage furs second hand at a cheaper cost.

“You can pick fur up in so many ways,” Talley said. “Not particularly the full coat, but accent pieces at any budget are available.”

Stylish students can transition their wardrobes from summer to fall by adding an accessory. Young customers are incorporating fur any way they can into their wardrobe with vests, shoes, and bags, said Talley. Students are pairing their fur vests for daytime with simple and understated outfits such as jeans and a T-shirt. However, they can also take the trend from day-to-night by styling fur accessories with an evening dress.

As far as color goes, “beige and blush are huge trends for this fall,” Talley said.

Neutral colors are highlighted in top designers such as, Chanel, Chloe, and Theory’s fall 2010 looks in stores now.

The September issue of Vogue also showed the trend in a spread with a wide variety of accessories and clothing with fur embellishments.

The fur trend is somewhat controversial.

“As a vegetarian, I only wear fake fur because I don’t like the idea of killing animals for skin,” said Lauren Taylor, a fashionable student and member of the SMU Retail Club.

Taylor shops at Cusp and plans to wear fur this fall to school and out with friends. Her fashion icon is Rachel Zoe, a celebrity stylist who can almost always be spotted in a fur vest or jacket, even came out with her own line of faux fur for qvc.com. Zoe is well known for her vintage seventies inspired looks.

Sarah Bray is the Style Editor of the Daily Campus and co-founder of SMUstyle.com. The SMU senior said she looked everywhere for a fur vest last year, but was disappointed there were not any options in mainstream retail shops.

“Now faux fur is everywhere,” Bray said. “After Chanel showed fur on the fall runway, everyone got in on the trend.”

Bray is faux fur all the way. “I can’t handle the thought of a dead animal on my body-it really grosses me out. Even if I had the budget, I still would never purchase real

Bray has a passion for style.

“Fashion is art and personal expression, an outfit in an unexpected unique way is like looking at an artist’s work,” Bray said. “Having the ability to be different and who you are is the best part of being a human, so why not express your personality and stand out through what you wear.”

Derek Blasberg’s “Classy” Comes to Dallas

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Barbara Bush, Dereck Blasberg and Alexis Maybank chat before Monday night's book signing for "Classy." (PHOTO BY RACHEL MACKIN / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Barbara Bush, Derek Blasberg and Alexis Maybank chat before Monday night's book signing for "Classy." (PHOTO BY RACHEL MACKIN / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

By Rachael Mackin

Barbara Bush and Alexis Maybank, the founder of Gilt Groupe, hosted a cocktail party Monday evening to celebrate Derek Blasberg and the launch of his first book, “Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady”. Partygoers were invited to the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek for drinks and appetizers.

Young people in this season’s newest attire filled the front room of the hotel, where a DJ played hit songs and waiters offered guests champagne, wine and an array of finger foods.

People were very excited to discuss the topic of Blasberg’s book. The book focuses on who young girls should be looking up to as role models. In it, Blasberg establishes the difference between role models and entertainers.

Christina Geyer, the Dallas assistant editor of Papercity magazine and co-founder of SMUstyle.com, who writes about parties for her job, said she was most excited about the crowd.

“Really classy, young people. It’s a fun mix with a lot of unexpected people to, a lot of young people in Dallas who are up and coming in the social scene,” said Geyer.

“It is so fun here. There are so many young people as well as a lot of SMU people,” said SMU sophomore Krystal Schlegel, who also attended the event.

Blasberg welcomed the crowd by telling the partygoers he would be giving everyone a free copy of his book. He said he couldn’t make the guests pay for it because everyone was already so classy.

Blasberg discussed how society puts a lot of people on a pedestal who don’t deserve to be and how confusing it must be for adolescent young women looking for role models.

“The overreaching arc is to be a smart woman, a well-educated woman, an involved woman, a woman that knows you don’t have to be the most drunkest girl at a party to be the most popular and knows you can’t take your top off or send naked pictures to the cute guy in Algebra class,” Blasberg said.

“It’s interesting that’s he’s addressing the whole technology era, how to flirt online and etc. I think he should write one for guys too!” said SMU junior, Lucy Aiken.

Blasberg says he thinks of the Harry Potter actress Emma Watson when considering the “role model” he writes about because she is not only a successful actress, but he says she is well educated, sweet and humble.

His idea of who not to look up to?

“A girl that gets ten plastic surgeries in one day or a girl that gets a reality show on the shore of New Jersey,” Blasberg said. “I’ll say I love those shows, but I know enough to know they’re train wrecks. If I were 14, I don’t know if I would.”

He said every woman should be classy and fabulous.

“If you read “Classy”, you’ll be fabulous,” Blasberg said.