VIDEO: LGBTQ Senate Seat Legislation Fails

April 13, 2011 by · 3 Comments 

By Andy Garcia

LGBTQ Senate Seat Rejected from on Vimeo.

Representation was a major issue during Tuesday’s Student Senate meeting.

Members of both SMU’s athletic and LGBTQ communities attended the meeting to show support for special interest seats in the legislature.

The legislation to create an LGBTQ seat failed to pass. While the bill received a majority of votes, it was unable to pass due to the necessary two-thirds requirements to create a senate seat. Harvey Luna, who wrote the legislation, has stated he will bring the issue back to the floor next year.

The athletic community has also assured senate that they will work to create a seat next year.

VIDEO: LGBTQ Senate Seat May Come to SMU

April 6, 2011 by · Comments Off 

By Andy Garcia

LGBTQ Senate Seat May Come to SMU from on Vimeo.

An LGBTQ Senate Seat may be in the works for SMU. Legislation to would create the seat is up for a vote next week. Voting for the runoff election for president and vice-president is also underway.

During Tuesday’s senate meeting the following video was shown to reflect the opinions of those in support for the LGBTQ seat.