Campus News Blog: Taos Creative Writing Program

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Posted by Abbey Dewey

Until now, the Taos Campus has been a minimum of a two week time commitment for SMU students.

But with SMU’s Summer Intensive Creating Writing Program, the adventure and beauty of Taos is now open to those who have only a few days of summer to spare. The program is five days long, starting on July 14 and ending on July 18.

There are four available courses: Creative Writing Introduction, Novel Track: The Story, All Tracks: Chapters, and Inspired Mind: Creativity Workshop. Although focusing on different outlets and styles of creative writing, each course is six sessions and runs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

To find out more, there will also be an information session on April 22. Registration for any of the four courses is now open online.

Campus News Blog: More Taos Chances Available

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Posted By Abbey Dewey

All students who applied for the SMU-in-Taos May Term will know if they are accepted by March 17 after 10:00 A.M.

For students who did not get into the May Term, they can reapply for admission to the June Term, the longest of the summer sessions offered, or the August term.

There are also some incentives to applying to the summer’s later programs. First, from a weather perspective, Taos in May can still get quite cold. You are, after all, at 7,000 feet elevation.

Students also have more classes offered during the June Term, and they can rack up more hours because of the length of the program.

The June Term also offers scholarship opportunity that deadline hasn’t passed. All students interested should apply. Three will receive the award, which covers the cost of one 3 credit course. The Richter Scholarship is for June only.

If students didn’t get accepted to the May Term in Taos, they shouldn’t waste any time to reapply so that they can still experience the campus another time this summer.

Campus News Blog: Taos Application Deadline Approaching

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Posted by Abbey Dewey

The deadline for applications to the SMU-in-Taos program is rapidly approaching. All SMU students who wish to study at SMU’s Fort Burgwin campus during the May term must submit their applications by Tuesday, March 2.

The list of offered courses is available here.

The May term is approximately two weeks long, beginning on Wednesday, May 12 and ending on Sunday, May 30. The program gives students the opportunity to earn up to four hours of SMU credit while experiencing the rugged beauty of Taos, NM. The cost of the May term varies based on the number of course hours and type of accommodation.

Along with the scenery and the chance to earn class credit, another appealing element may attract students’ attention to the Fort Burgwin campus. The entire campus was recently renovated in preparation for the first full semester, fall term. The campus now has cell phone service, upgraded dormitories, and a bigger common room for students to hang out.

Campus News Blog: Congratulations June and August Taos Acceptances

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Posted by Holly Roberts

If you haven’t checked already, acceptances have been posted online. The list however may change if students decide to add or drop. If you do see your name on the list head straight to room 338 in the Blanton Building to receive an information packet and forms. Congratulations to all the applicants accepted to SMU-IN-TAOS!

Campus News Blog: Taos Acceptances

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Posted by Holly Roberts

The wait is over!? If you applied for SMU-IN-TAOS the acceptances for May and August are posted on-line on the Taos homepage.? If you see you name make sure you visit the Taos office to receive an information packet.?

Whatever you do, don’t forget your signed forms and payment are due today by noon!

Campus News Blog: SMU Taos Still Available

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Posted by Holly Roberts

You still have time to sign up for an exciting learning adventure in Taos. SMU-in-TAOS is located in the mountains of New Mexico. The campus has 24 building structures including ten adobe dormitories. Open-air courtyards and common areas in the dormitories with wood burning fireplaces sound amazing. To top it off there is a tennis, basketball, and a sand volleyball court. Remember, it is not too late to apply. The deadline for the fall term is April 2, 2009 at 12 noon.

Campus News: It’s NOT too late to still apply for TAOS!

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Posted by Holly Roberts

If you are a procrastinator like me you are in luck! SMU-in-Taos is extending the application deadline for both May and fall term. The new deadline is Thursday, March 5 at 12 p.m.

Imagine spending the summer or fall in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico and taking classes.

For more information call 214-768-3657 or visit Room 338 in the Blanton Building.