Campus Life Blog: Best of Webcomics, Part Two

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One of the comics featured on (PHOTO FROM THISISINDEXED.COM)

Posted by Elena Harding


I have discovered a few more webcomics since the first post that warrant a second one.

Jessica Hagy uses venn diagrams and graphs to make observations about the world. She created the webcomic in 2006 and updates it just about every day “as the coffee brews.”

This sassy webcomic is written by three authors-Ray, Raf and Will. It is updated three times a week for readers.

Today Nothing Happened:
This webcomic is about a woman who recently graduated from art school. After graduation she went to work at Target, moved out of her parents home and pursued her comics-all of which is chronicled in her webcomic.

A webcomic about four college roommates, their life and romances by Starline X. Hodge.