Big D Blog: Trees Makes Lots of Noise

December 10, 2010 by · Comments Off 

Posted By Jackson Butt

For the last three years, the Granada Theater has been the top mid-size venue in Dallas. It has also been my favorite. However, Trees has been growing on me steadily since its reopening in the summer of last year. I went to the venue before it closed down in 2007, and was not impressed: There was water everywhere, and it smelled like sewage; the staff wasn’t rude, but they weren’t fostering a welcoming vibe; and the sound system was lacking.

The first things I noticed when I returned to trees was that it was clean, and the staff was friendly. And then, the show started and I got to hear the new sound system: amazing. The new owners hired Lee, who used to run sound for Tesla in the 1980’s. Lee brought his own sound system that he likes to show off.

It’s loud, but not loud in the sense that you can’t distinguish all the sounds. Everything is clear from the highest treble to the chest-caving bass. Did I mention that this sound system had teeth jarring, chest-caving bass? The sound that comes from a kick drum is commanding and fills the room like no other venue in Dallas.

Trees has been known for booking harder edged acts in rock and metal, but has been booking plenty of electronic, pop, reggae, and some country. I suggest browsing their show calendar, picking something good, and checking out the sound system. Bring earplugs.