Global News Blog: BBC Trust Announces Project Canvas

March 1, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Posted by Stephanie Minton

Internet based services, such as the BBC iPlayer, which allows users to watch BBC TV and listen to BBC Radio programs from the past 7 days, might be available on television soon for British households. The BBC Trust, the independent body that oversees the BBC, announced it’s the plans for Project Canvas, a venture between the BBC, ITC and BT, which will allow viewers to watch on-demand services that once were Internet based on television without a subscription.

According to The Herald, the BBC Trust will make a decision this summer on whether or not they will approve the proposals after deliberation and public discussions.

The three partners, BBC, ITC and BT, have set standards for the devices that would allow other industry members access to the services. The devices known as set-top boxes, will be HD ready, include some form of personal storage or PVR as well as having an Internet connect, allows the viewer to access Internet based services on television. The importance of this proposed idea is that it sets a standard for delivering on-demand TV and Internet services to the viewer. Project Canvas will combine television and web based services.

Global News Blog: Cinema: A Valuable Public Diplomacy Tool

February 18, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Posted by Ashley Warmack

According to “Colombia Reports”, Colombia is having a hard time getting people to support entertainment. Many people believe that Cinema life, things such as T.V., music, and film are trash and nonsense. However, according to the reports, they disagree, stating, “Cinema has become a tool for nation-building, but also for the mass communication of a nation’s idea of itself, and as such, one of the most successful tools of public diplomacy. ”

Colombia must support outlets of visual expression that respond to this purpose. Being able to send out a message through entertainment media has a huge influence on all nations and is a powerful communication tool to get through to the public.

However, I think countries should be aware of how other countries are portrayed though entertainment. “Hollywood not only has contributed to the branding of the American identity, but it also has contributed to branding, often misleadingly, other national identities.” In order for Colombia to not be “branded” by other country’s cinema art, other countries need to be promoted as a whole.

Many countries have been successful in the film and entertainment industry; and clearly Colombia needs a break through. Colombians are just now realizing how big of an impact entertainment media effects ones culture. Colombia needs to be finding people that can promote and support Colombian Cinema.