Global News Blog: Travel Conference Attended by UAE

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Posted by Rebecca Bryant

Now known as a global hotspot for travel, the UAE recently concentrates many of its foreign relation efforts on fostering the development of this sector (Global Arab Network).

Desiring to appear on par with global standards, the UAE attended an international conference in London that focused on the “collaboration to organize international travel” (Global Arab Network). Placing heavy emphasis on commercial communication between countries, the conference impacted future action by opening mindsets to welcoming a global perspective.

Finally, the conference “covered important concerns of the contemporary travelers,” seeking to bring awareness to relevant issues occurring today.

Global News Blog: Confiscated Exotic Pets Bring Hope to Endangered Species

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Posted by Alex Castriota

Some people think a lizard or monkey would make for a bizarre addition to one’s family. However, “Tigers, pythons, lions, and east African cheetahs” are just some of the exotic pets smuggled into the United Arab Emirates every year according to Dr. Abdul Aziz al Midfa of the Sharjah Environmental Authority.

Arabian Leopard

Animals like the Arabian leopard are sought after as a status symbol among the wealthy in the UAE. With only 200-250 left in the world, the demand for these rare creatures is even greater.

Endangered species attract collectors because of their trophy status among the affluent. As eccentric owners continue to defy the law against importing endangered species, more exotic animals are confiscated and placed in wildlife parks for population rehabilitation.

Successful breeding programs within these wildlife parks have helped increase the population in hopes of eventual removal from the endangered species list. Successful programs like the initiative to save the Arabian oryx provide hope to those looking to save the Arabian leopard and other endangered species.

Overhunted for its meat, hides and horns, the Arabian oryx was all but extinct with fewer than 500 remaining in 1965. Although the last of the wild oryx was killed in the early 1970’s, a small number remain in protective captivity for breeding purposes.

As a result of these efforts, over 100 oryx were released into the Oman and Jordan wild with another 600 in captivity present day.

Global News Blog: The Demise of Dubai

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Posted by Erica Pelletier

When the economic crisis hit in 2006 the countries who felt the biggest pinch were the ones with the biggest pockets. Dubai, one of seven Emirates within the United Arab Emirates, looks like an entire country of Las Vegases. But when oil money stopped rushing into the Middle East, the Emiratis could no longer afford to create man-made islands and gold-lined hotels. Six months ago financiers cancelled plans to build the heavily anticipated “Dubai Land” super-amusement park.

Once a mecca on the verge of luxury and exclusivity, with coastlines flooded with resorts and shopping malls, Dubai now only appears shiny on the outside. Dubai no longer can afford to finance record-breaking real estate endeavors. Cranes hang, unused over the skyline. As the state puts projects on hold, Ex-Patriates are quickly the targets of massive layoffs. Abu Dhabi, the conservative capital of the UAE, has extended assistance to its neighbor but at the price of Dubai freedom and extravagance. Economists have begun to question the future of Dubai if it becomes less of a global town and more of an idealistic Islamic state. We have yet to see the full effects of the economic crisis on Dubai.