Global News Blog: The Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill

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Posted By Nancy Weaver

In 2009, the Ugandan government proposed a bill outlawing homosexuality enforcing the death penalty for those with previous convictions. The United States government spoke with President Museveni about the bill and expressed opposition to the bill.

Prior to this bill, people in Uganda already discriminated gays and treated them differently. Now, church officials in Uganda show gay pornographic images to rally support for the enforcement of the bill. U.S. Christian leaders expressed their views in Uganda and in the media.

Rick Warren, Saddleback Minister in California and writer of “The Purpose-Driven Life” said, “When I didn’t speak out, people assumed I was in support of this bill.” Warren chose to express his opinion on a CBN web video and urged Ugandan pastors to not support this bill but rather embrace all individuals in the community. In response to this controversial bill, many other leaders cannot answer how the bill follows Christianity’s greatest commandment; love your neighbor as yourself.

Those who traveled to Uganda from the U.S. indirectly suggested that Americans believed their opinions might change the law. This caused many Ugandans to resist the idea of the “white man.”

With this bill intact, Americans still wonder about their moral duty to stand up for another country’s affairs despite opposition. Edmund Burke, a British statesman once said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.” Does this statement apply to American’s role in Uganda or should Americans turn a blind eye?

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Global News Blog: The Gift of Giving

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Posted by Genny Weaver

As Christmas rolls around, college students want everything from iPads to Kindles. Advertisers tempt consumers with messages shouting “More, More, More.” In the midst of the “all about me” craze, surprisingly Americans still look for ways to selflessly give by donating to favorite charities.

On the SMU campus, the number of non-profits and community service projects reveal the value students place on philanthropy. From Dallas to foreign African countries, increasing numbers of SMU students willingly reach out to diverse outlets in order to give back.

After traveling with several other SMU students to Uganda twice this past year, I saw the desperate economic needs, health care inadequacies and lack of innovation. The war-torn history of Uganda still pervades the lives of many children and adults in the North. Despite the bombings in Kampala this past July, Uganda still remains one the safest African countries for tourists and volunteers.

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, but an act of justice.”

With one click on the computer, Americans can touch lives on the other side of the globe. This holiday season presents an opportunity to give the gift of giving. From online non-profit donations to family volunteer trips, an excuse of global ignorance no longer applies to Americans.

So the question remains, “Is that iPhone on your list a need or a want?”
Check out volunteer sites such as and for great ideas on how to support Uganda and other African countries.