The Daily Update: Wednesday, Nov. 3

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The Daily Update: Wednesday, Nov. 3 from on Vimeo.

Join us for details about Republicans taking back to U.S. House, the two SMU students’ names in the car accident names have been released, and we’ll tell you how long will the cold rainy weather be around in Dallas.

VIDEO: Woman Hit by Moving Vehicle on SMU Campus

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By Chandler Schlegel and Andy Garcia,

SMU student hit by moving vehicle on University and Airline from on Vimeo.


Video Posted by Sarah Bray

A woman was hit on Airline Road Monday night at around 6:15 p.m. in front of the SMU Catholic Center. University Park Police closed off the street for two hours after the accident.

According to Kent Best, Executive Director of News and Communications for SMU, both the girl hit and the driver were SMU students.

Adrienne Yim, a student employee of the Neuhoff Catholic Center on the corner of Airline Road and University Boulevard, saw the aftermath of the incident.

“There was a girl lying on the ground with her face facing towards the Commuter lot,” Yim said. “She was just sort of crumpled on the ground.”

Yim explained that the woman was conscious. More cars started to gather around the scene and people were visibly upset.

According to other witnesses, emergency services arrived at the scene immediately after the incident and were able to help the woman into an ambulance that took her to an area hospital.

University Park Police Captain Craig Spradlin said both the victim and the driver are at fault.

“She crossed the road in a none crosswalk and the other party was not paying attention,” Spradlin said.

Traffic investigations officer A.R. Rosales said there is no evidence that the driver was speeding and it is not clear yet whether or not she was on the phone at the time of the accident.

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The Daily Update: Friday, April 16

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Update: Green Was Taking Prescription Medication

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By Brooks L. Powell

The family of SMU sophomore Joseph Hunter Green said he was taking prescription medication when he was found dead in his dorm room in January. He sustained a “painful injury” while on the SMU-in-Taos campus in December and was under treatment for it, said his sister Brooke Baker, an SMU alumna, in an emailed statement.

Baker did not say what type of injury Green suffered or how severe it was, but noted Green had not taken any such medication before December.

The combination of alcohol and prescription drugs in his system led to Green’s death, said a spokeswoman for the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office as reported Sunday night.

Baker said her family approved a statement that was to be released by SMU Monday, but said SMU failed to mention that Green was taking prescription medication related to his injury at the time of his death. SMU officials were not immediately able to comment on why those details were omitted from the release.

SMU’s statement read in part: “Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family and loved ones of Joseph Hunter Green. … SMU continues its efforts to educate students about the risks of consuming alcohol while taking medication.”

Baker added in an email that her family is still struggling to cope with the loss.

“Our hearts break everyday (sic) we are without Hunter,” she said. “We only want to honor his memory.”

Green was found unresponsive in his room at the SMU House at 3004 SMU Blvd. on Friday, Jan. 22. He was pronounced dead at the scene by the Dallas County Medical Examiner at 12:36 that afternoon.

Medical Examiner Rules Student’s Death an Accident

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By Brooks L. Powell

The January death of SMU sophomore Joseph Hunter Green, 21, has been ruled an accident, a spokeswoman for the Dallas County Medical Examiner confirmed Sunday night.

The manner and cause of Green’s death was determined to be “mixed drug and alcohol intoxication,” said the spokeswoman, who asked not to be named. Green’s family was notified earlier this week when the results came back. They have not yet issued a statement.

The Medical Examiner’s office would not release the full list of substances found in Green’s body over the phone. A copy of the full autopsy report has been ordered and should be available mid-week.

Green was found unresponsive in his room at the SMU House at 3004 SMU Blvd. on Friday, Jan. 22. A 911 call to the University Park Police Department revealed an unnamed caller thought Green might have committed suicide. The caller said he received a “suspicious” email that morning which prompted him to go to the SMU House to check on Green.

Green was pronounced dead at the scene by the Dallas County Medical Examiner at 12:36 that afternoon. A statement issued by SMU immediately following news of Green’s death said the SMU Police Department and the Texas Rangers, the law enforcement agencies charged with investigating the case, did not suspect “foul play.”

In the fall of 2009, Green transferred to SMU from the University of Central Florida. He attended SMU’s campus in Taos, N.M. with a small group of students taking part in the program’s inaugural fall class. Green had only been on SMU’s main campus in Dallas for a few days before he died. University spokesman Kent Best said at the time of Green’s death that Green was not affiliated with a Greek organization.

The Daily Update: Monday, March 15

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‘Watermelon Bash’ Lands Lambda Chi Alpha on Deferred Suspension

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By Sarah Acosta

The Gamma Sigma chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity was placed on deferred suspension Monday night by the SMU Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, Vice President of Student Affairs Lori White confirmed.

The office placed the fraternity on deferred suspension for the rest of the fall semester due to members’ behavior during the “Watermelon Bash” philanthropy event at Burleson Park on Sept. 19.

According to White, SMU received letters, emails, and University Park police reports with complaints of the Lambda Chi Alpha members’ behavior during the event.

“SMU has a code of conduct we expect our students to adhere to and this particular student organization violated those expectations,” White said.

According to University Park Police, a UP resident filed a complaint on the afternoon of Sept. 19 claiming that SMU students who attended Watermelon Bash were playing loud music and urinating in her yard.

Another report states that a UP officer spotted a female in “an intoxicated state” on sorority house property. The officer cited her for a being a minor in consumption.

Chapter president Harrison Kaufman declined comment Monday night, referring questions to the chapter advisor, who has not returned repeated calls.

White explained that under deferred suspension, the fraternity may not host any sponsored social activities — with or without alcohol — on or off campus.

In addition to these guidelines Lambda Chi Alpha must also complete the following:

  • Pay restitution of $1200 for damages done to Burleson Park to the city of University Park.
  • Pay $275 to SMU for damages done to the Val and Frank Late Fountain.
  • Complete a service project for the city of University Park.
  • Write apology letters to the city of University Park and neighbors of Burleson Park.

White confirmed that Lambda Chi Alpha alumni were notified of the complaints and were present at the fraternity’s chapter meeting Monday night.

She could not, however, confirm whether the chapter also has been placed on deferred suspension by its national administration.

Proceeds from the “Watermelon Bash” benefit the North Texas Food Bank organization.