Daily Update: Tuesday, March 22

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What men’s basketball record got broken? Are the attacks on Libya having any effect? And what marathon runner broke a world record? Find out all this and more on your Daily Update!

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Campus News Blog: Ward Off the Freshman 15

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Posted by Katherine Helms
Have you faced the highly dreaded Freshman 15?This time of the year always seems to be filled with stress, sickness, lack of sleep, and lots of parties. Unfortunately, the combination does not always have the best effect on our bodies, but there are ways around gaining this weight. With a thanksgiving trip home in the near future, maybe it is time to test out some healthy tricks to combat the weight gain and also feel more energized throughout your day.

There have been countless articles written on this topic, which seems 100% logical considering it seems to be on the mind of many students as they enter college. But, recently I have seen more articles regarding this subject than usual. Several advise to eat “mini- meals” throughout your day; this will help prevent you for hoarding in an entire pizza when you are famished after a day of classes. I personally always found the most important thing was to stock your mini fridge with healthy food instead of only having chips to reach for when you are hungry. Also, with all the parties watch how much alcohol you consume, it adds up quickly, and it also triggers hunger and will tempt you to eat a few pieces of fried macaroni late night.

As hard as it may be, squeezing in a few workouts a week can really make a difference. Not only does it release endorphins, but it will also help shave off the unwanted pounds. It is also a great way to put off that highly dreaded paper without feeling so guilty! So, lace up your tennis shoes and be smart about what you consume. Hopefully you will shed any weight you are trying to, and will feel great about your body!