Arts Beat: Meadows Spring Dance Concert has a different beat for all

April 6, 2009  

This spring’s dance concert was a little unexpected. There were three parts to the concert and two intermissions, and you needed the intermissions to prepare yourself for the next performance.

The dances were executed with grace and power. The choreography is what captured my attention the most. In the first part of the three-part concert, the dancing was all over the place and it was very different. I didn’t understand it, and I really do not know how to explain to those who choose not to go. The dance is called “Cloven Kingdom,” and in the program there is a quote that says, “Man is a social animal.”

The choreography, by Paul Taylor, was a mixture of dancing like animals and civilized human beings. The male dancers were dressed in black and white formal suits, but dancing and behaving like animals. They moved around like rabbits and monkeys, but then quickly would switch to a more civilized humane dance. The women were dressed in long dresses, and they moved eloquently. They too would burst into random animal-like dances.

I also cannot forget to mention the dancers who wore objects on their heads. The objects were mirrors, that reflected the light into the audience. One dancer had a box on her head, and it became very distracting. I do not have an opinion about this piece because it was very confusing, it cannot be explain adequately enough, it is something people will have to see to try to understand it.

The other parts to the concert were what I expected a ballet recital to be. Ballerinas tip-toed there way along the stage and graced the air with their leaps. It was beautiful to watch, and it was nothing like the first performances.

The third part of the concert was fun and energetic. It was the “Swing Concerto” choreographed by Danny Buraczeski. The swing dancing got my feet tapping, and the crowd yelling. The dancers reminded me of sock hops in cafes. The female dancers were tossed in the air like rag dolls, and the men powerfully lifted their partners with ease. I was impressed.

It was an interesting mix and the Meadows Spring Dance Concert, but I wouldn’t mind going again.

The concert is running through April 5. Information is at the Meadows Ticket Office 214.768.ARTS

–Posted by Laura Vasquez

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