Arts Beat: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! And More Yeah!

April 14, 2009  

I had never heard music by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs until their newest CD, It’s Blitz!, came out in March. ? Now I can’t listen to anything else! ? It’s Blitz! is full high energy tunes that straddle the line between the giddy, girly pop and loud, punk rock genres.

To be more specific, the style of this CD sounds like Meg White‘s drum kit meets St. Vincent’s solo act and the two of them asked a synthesizer to come party.

It’s Blitz! may not be the best album I’ve ever heard, but it is definitely the most captivating. ? Lead singer, Karen O’s voice floored me when I heard the band’s first single “Zero“. ? her voice has the airy essence of Feist mixed with the flamboyance of Katie White from the Ting Tings.

The best song on the new album appears early on the track list. ? “Heads Will Roll” is a vivacious, head banger that sends the listener to the underground club scene of post 21st century London. ? When Karen chants “Off, off, off with your head. ? Dance, dance, dance ’til your dead,” I feel like an anarchist ready to destroy the government with my dancing skills.

So, take the Yeah Yeah Yeahs challenge: try switching websites after sampling songs off It’s Blitz! [here]. ? I dare you.

--Posted by Christine Ricciardi

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