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April 30, 2009  

If you’ve been looking for a sweet escape from stress, finals or just down right unhappiness, the Austin dub band Grimy Styles can take you there.

Their last performance at Austin’s 16th annual Reggae Festival (formerly known as Bob Marley Festival or Marley-fest) at Auditorium Shores blew away a crowd of over 35,000? with their unique and all instrumental take on the reggae genre.

The four-piece consists of drums, guitar, bass and keyboard;? simple and traditional, right?? Wrong!? The band’s collaboration of these instruments creates the most original and complex sound in music today.

The key instrument is? the melodica, a small keyboard that produces an airy, accordion-like sound by the player blowing through a small tube.? Not only is it a rarely used tool, but the melodica gives a different feeling to each song.

For example, in the song “Ducktape Pancakes,” the melodica sounds mysterious and adventure driven sending the listener goes on a safari through consciousness.? However, a more relaxed atmosphere of universal content is conveyed by the same instrument in “Sounds Czech.”

As the last band before the sun went down on April 18, Grimy Styles inspired the hula-hoop dancers to come out of hiding and all festival-goers to come down to the front lawn.? Their entire set brought about a spiritual aura that caused everyone to prance around as though praising the rain gods.? To the untrained eye it looked like LSD was running ramped throughout Auditorium Shores.

But don’t be fooled, that’s just the way Grimy Styles makes you feel:? an overflow of spiritual and mental joy that is physically uncontrollable.? If you’re ever having a bad day pop in this CD, it will take you to a whole other world.

–Posted by Christine Ricciardi
Grimy Styles
Grimy Styles
Grimy Styles
Grimy Styles
Grimy Styles

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