Big D Blog: Bittersweet Halloween

October 31, 2009  

Posted by Estela Nunez

Costume, check. A bag for the goodies, check. Hand sanitizer, check.

Yes, that’s right, hand sanitizer and lots of it! One of the most awaited holidays by kids and some adults might not be so sweet this year.

With the dilemma over H1N1, doctors fear that with all those anxious little hands going door-to-door in search of candy might cause the virus to spread more than it has in the previous months.

Could doctors be blowing this out of portion or should people really be worried?

Doctors says that a virus has the capacity of living in plastic masks, like those of many of the costumes for up to twelve hours!

For the many worrisome mothers out there this isn’t exactly the greatest of news. I mean who wants to put a damper on their kid’s favorite holiday.

I mean this is the one time out of the whole year when you can get away with eating a large amounts of candy, and mom won’t yell “stop eating so many sweets!”

So the big question is, will mothers put a halt on the night kids wait for all year long? Or will they stock up on hand sanitizer and take a risk?

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