Campus News Blog: Reducing Stress During Finals

December 5, 2009  

Posted by Katherine Helms

Although the holiday season brings joy and happiness to many people, it often brings along much stress as well. With final exams, Christmas shopping, and constant holiday parties, it can be challenging to balance everything that needs to be done without becoming stressed.

Most students have one major cloud looming over their heads, exams. What steps can be taken to relax, but still be productive? First, students should plan their time wisely. The ALEC provides weekly calendars that may help you plan out your day wisely. It may help you to include little things like meal times and gym breaks.

Next, concentrate on organizing your materials. Hopefully you implemented some sort of system at the beginning of the semester to keep track of your assignments and notes. Now it is time to go back through and sort through what you need and do not need. It may help to make outlines of past tests or notes in order to understand their overall importance.

Find a place on campus where you can concentrate. This is something I have always struggled with. I know where my friends study and I am often tempted to go to the same places, but I know I will not be productive. Be creative. There are other options than just the library; this might even mean you venture off campus to find a spot that suits you.

Perhaps the most important step you can take to reduce stress is getting a sufficient amount of sleep. Without sleep you will not be as efficient in learning and remembering material. Also, be conscientious of the foods you are eating. Avocado, turkey, salmon, oranges, and almonds are several foods that will help calm your nerves, while foods like chocolate can speed up your heart rate and increase anxiety.

Finally, do something everyday to relax whether it is yoga or a walk with a good friend. Take time to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle and calm yourself down. It is a great time of the year to throw on your tennis shoes and walk to look at Christmas lights.

With two short weeks left of school, take a deep breath, devise a study schedule and dive into exams as stress free as possible.

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