VIDEO: From Teacher to Burger Master

April 1, 2010  

By Emily Kogan

Located on maple and what was once known as motor street sits a little burger joint that opened on September 11, 2009.

It was voted the best new cheap restaurant by and the number three best burger in DFW by Eat This Beef.

But this isn’t just any old burger restaurant, owner of Maple and Motor Jack Perkins was a school teacher turned burger master who has always lived by one philosophy.

“If you’re going to do something you might as well do it the right way,” said Perkins.

And that’s why he never gave up.

“I probably grilled in the garage probably about 1000 hamburgers,” said Perkins. And the French fries were important too. “I bet we cooked 500 pounds of potatoes. So, a lot of practice. When it finally came down to it, it was the burger that we liked that we choose.”

There are so many burger places in Dallas such as Goff’s, Whos Who, and Burger House, what keeps people coming back to maple and motor? Regular Keith Spring has the answer.

“The food is really good, the foods good, and the ice cream,” said Spring.

And what about first timer Bob Pospick’s opinion?

“I cant put it [the burger] down , its great,” said Pospick.

Many may wonder how a restaurant opened during the height of the recession has managed to stay afloat.

“We knew exactly what we wanted to pay in rent, x amount or less. We knew exactly how many square feet we wanted. We knew we wanted to be in a free standing, we knew all the things we wanted and people tried to talk us out of it all the way down the line. If we were doing the exact same amount of business we are now in a space twice the size with three times the rent we wouldn’t be making money,” said Perkins.

With maple and motor being such a success regulars can only hope jack wants to expand.

“We’d like to have other restaurants. We like what we do here and we think a lot of other people like what we do here. The idea of doing the same thing again doesn’t really interest me but the idea of stretching and using new muscles and doing something different but kind of along the same line would be good,” said Perkins.

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