Maverick in Missouri: Hitting the Trail

October 29, 2008  

SMU junior Natalie Ingram

SMU junior Natalie Ingram is filing daily blog posts from Missouri, where she is working for the McCain campaign.

Posted by Natalie Ingram

According to Wikipedia, a maverick is defined as a “person who thinks independently, a lone dissenter, a nonconformist or rebel.”

Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain enjoys throwing around this word as much as he likes referring to Joe the Plumber. Not only is McCain calling himself a maverick, but I (among other fellow Republicans around the country) have the distinct pleasure of being called a maverick myself.

With this title comes great responsibility to my party. Chosen by the GOP, I will begin my duties as a “Campaign Maverick” Thursday. I will be sent off to Columbia, Mo., (a swing state, if you didn’t know) as an independent, lone dissenter to spread the message of the presidential hopeful, knock on several liberal doors, and try my best to help capture the 11 electoral votes of Missouri.

Because Columbia is the home of the University of Missouri (MIZ-ZOU to my fellow Missourians) and extremely liberal, the task at hand will not come easily. Check back on my blog until Election Day to read about what I encounter on the trail. With 13-hour days and thousands in the opposition, I am sure to have a trip.

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