VIDEO: Gone Country — What’s The Deal With The BIG Texas State Fair?

October 6, 2010  

Howdy y’all! Courtney O’Callaghan and Marissa O’Connor here taking you down the I-45 to the Texas State Fair. As the phrase goes “everything’s bigger in Texas” so it goes without saying that this is the largest state fair nationwide.

Both born and raised in the North we hit the road to pay “Big Tex” a visit and learn more about our new state’s cuisine, culture, and characters.

And we’re off!

Gone Country: We’re off to the Texas Fair! from on Vimeo.

Cuisine: “You watch your cholesterol all year for this food”
Guacamole. Beer. PB & J. You name it, it’s fried here. Were we skeptical? Of course. But we decided that when it comes to experiencing Texas food, go big or go home.

Gone Country: Enjoying Texas Cuisine from on Vimeo.

Culture: “Way down in Texas we got our own style”
Is there more to Texas than barbeque and big hair? Of course, there’s football. Only kidding! We found the state has a strong sense of tradition and a spirit like no other.

Gone Country: Learning the Texas Style from on Vimeo.

Characters: “We got heart and we got nerve, even if we are a bit disturbed”
After a fun-filled Friday spent at the fair we learned it truly was the people that made our experience. All the people we talked to exerted southern hospitality, allowing us an insiders view on the rich history and tradition in the Lone Star State.

Gone Country: Meeting True Texans from on Vimeo.

We hope y’all have a great fall break and that you’ll join us for our next Texas experience as we comb through the history behind the Texas Tease.

Song Credits: “Gone Country” by Allan Jackson; “Texas Cookin’” by George Strait; “Down in Texas” by Jerry Jeff Walker; “These Are My People” by Rodney Atkins

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  1. Lizzie on October 6th, 2010 11:12 pm

    Y’all are so fun! Keep up the great work!