Burst the Bubble Blog: DFW Halloween Attractions

October 27, 2010  

Post By Elizabeth Lowe

Home to the likes of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” Texas houses several tip-top and nationally recognized Halloween attractions. A few of which can be found right here in Dallas-Fort Worth.

If you’re looking for something more thrilling than trick-or-treating in the Highland Park this weekend, step outside the Bubble for Halloween scares.

These attractions should top your Halloween must-see list while living in the DFW:

Cutting Edge Halloween House

Everything is bigger in Texas – even our haunted houses. This is the grandaddy of them all, located about 40 minutes down I-30 in Fort Worth.
Cutting Edge holds the Guiness World Record for “World’s Largest Walk Through Haunted House.”
What does that mean for thrill seekers? Well, there’s no escaping these thrills once you’ve entered. After you pay the $29.50 admission pass (or the $49.50 “speed pass” to skip the wait), you’ve committed to a long walk through ghostly and gruesome scares.

Hell House

This is not your ordinary Halloween attraction, nor one that you’ll hear advertised in the daily paper.
Located at the Trinity Assembly of God, right outside of downtown Dallas, this Halloween attraction brings a moral frame to the all-candy-and-costume holiday.
Many people may have heard of this attraction through the 2001 documentary titled “Hell House.” Not ringing a bell? Add this to your Netflix queue immediately.
The documentary follows the Trinity Assembly of God’s preparation process and eventual execution of their annual Halloween walk-through attraction. Scenes in the Hell House include a death from AIDS, tragedies from drunk driving, and a 9/11 terrorist horror. One of the most controversial moral scenes involves the performance of a late abortion including buckets of fake blood and dramatic portrayls of guilt.
For those not a part of the Hell House tradition, this Halloween attraction is out of control and highly controversial. But for members of the congregation, it’s an annual “come-to-Jesus” event.
The New York Times has described this Texas attraction as “carnivalesque.”

SCREAMS Halloween Theme Park

Yes, you read that correctly – a Halloween theme park.
Located in Waxahachie, TX this park features 5 walk-through attractions like the “Death Trap Maze” and the “3D Pirates of Peril.”
For $24.99, general admission gets you into the park and access to all the attractions – plus multiple concession stands if you can stomach food after the scares.
Other than the original five attractions, there is a “special attraction” called “The Realm of the Beast.” SCREAMS describes visitors as the “prey” in this attraction – clearly this is only for the true thrill seekers.

So step out of the Bubble and experience the best scares the DFW has to offer if you dare. However there’s no shame in dressing up in costume to stay home, snack on candy, and watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” either.
Happy Hauntings!

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